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The AUMnibus is Auburn University at Montgomery’s student newspaper.

The AUMnibus logo as it apeared in the very first publication on October 4, 1971.

The AUMnibus began in 1971 and has taken many different forms over the years. From the newspaper layout of the past to newsletter style publications of today, the AUMnibus has always been a window into the AUM students hearts and minds.

The AUMnibus logo as it appeared April 2012.
The AUMnibus logo as it appeared April 2012.

Beginning in March of 2013, the AUMnibus staff sought to bring new life to the AUMnibus after a hiatus of several years. The new style publications were distributed and immediately successful, and became the buzz around the AUM campus yet again.

Now we’re taking a leap into web journalism. Join us as we bring you daily features by the AUM community. We represent the thoughts, ideas and opinions of the Warhawk student body, and we want to BUILD the COMMUNITY. 

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