Welcome to The Armchair Quarterback


By Darrell Puckett

People who listen to radio or podcasts all want one thing, entertainment.  The ear listens and judges for itself without introduction.  In the world of sports radio, people are quick to say Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd, Tim Brando, Mike and Mike, and Paul Finebaum are the ‘elitist.’  There’s no argument with that list, but ponder this question: Can you recall a sports radio podcast crafted by a college around your area?  The answer is most likely no.

Auburn Montgomery will be entering into the world of sports podcast and broadcasting this semester.  This new leap should be defining the way colleges broadcast and develop podcast.  Warhawk Weekly will start in February running a 25-30 minute segment on Montgomery’s local channel.  Also, a new sports radio podcast named The Armchair Quarterback with myself and Brandon Holland is scheduled to premier next week.

The broadcasting portion provides updated AUM information on campus, sports, student stories, etc.  The Armchair Quarterback is an extension of Warhawk Weekly and will feature AUM sports, special-guest interviews, local in-state recruiting, campus life, and so much more.

The future is whatever you make it; opportunities are made, not given.  Look for Warhawk Weekly and The Armchair Quarterback to excel quickly, so jump on board before it’s too full.  Special thanks to Matt Estes, Lisa Ranieri, Dr. Buchanan, Brandon Holland, and the AUM COMM Club for their dedication.

Check back for updates.

Contact the writer: dpucket1@aum.edu