Going Greek, is it for you?

greek article pic COURTNEY

By Courtney Singleton

AUM is home to three Panhellenic sororities: Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Zeta and Zeta Tau Alpha. Every fall, AUM has its annual recruitment hoping to find girls interested in joining a sorority and learning more about each Greek organization.


On Sept. 11-13, AUM had its yearly Panhellenic recruitment. Seventy potential new members signed for recruitment, with 39 new girls accepting bids from their new Greek home on campus.


“Students who join Greek organizations to build a network, make friends and develop leadership and social skills will likely graduate with useful qualities that could take them far,” writes Nicole Glass in USA Today.


Each sisterhood has different philanthropies to which they donate a certain amount of money each year. Alpha Gama Delta awards grants to individuals and organizations to help with research and education about diabetes. Alpha Gamma Delta also spends time with the children from Brantwood Children’s Home to help lift their spirits—most kids have parents who have been incarcerated. Delta Zeta’s philanthropy is the Starkey Hearing Clinic where the girls help raise and donate money to raise an undertsnading about the foundation. Delta Zeta ladies also give time to the Speech and Hearing Clinic located on campus. Zeta Tau Alpha’s philanthropy is the breast cancer education and awareness. This sorority partners up with the NFL and Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to help promote recognition and funds to breast cancer research and find a cure one day.


“Going Greek, I was able to go out of my ‘shell’ my freshman year and meet new people and learn new things about myself,”says Melanie Adams, Alpha Gamma Delta Alumnae Relations Chair. ” (…) I meet people almost daily in different organizations and we have something to talk about because a lot of people are Greek. If you’re thinking about going through recruitment but aren’t sure, do it! GO GREEK!“

All three sororities have formal recruitment every year and you can find out more information by going to http://aum.edu/campus-life/student-affairs/departments/student-involvement-leadership/greek-life .


Photo courtesy of the AUM website