Pieology Pizzeria Opens Minutes Away from AUM


By Erin Mills

To celebrate the opening of their ninth pizzeria location, Pieology is hosting a weekend full of fun for the whole family. On Friday, Sept. 9, Pieology will host Pie-lanthropy day. As a way of engaging with the Montgomery community, 50 percent of all proceeds from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. will be donated to help with animal care at the Montgomery Humane Society. Additionally, entertainment will be provided on Saturday, Sept. 10 and Sunday, Sept. 11., during which you can receive a free cheese or pepperoni pizza for the kids with the purchase of an adult pizza.

Pieology Pizzeria was founded in 2011 by Carl Chang as a source for hand-crafted, artisan style pizzas that are completely customizable. The doughs, which are offered in both white and wheat, are made fresh daily and are never frozen. In addition to pizza, Pieology also offers customizable salads. This faith-based company not only creates delicious handmade pizzas but also works hard to stay involved with the local community. With their Pie-lanthropy program, groups can hold fundraisers through the restaurant. Pieology is located in the Chase Corner Shopping Center at 1470 Taylor Road, just minutes from the AUM campus. For more information about Pieology, visit their website at www.pieology.com.

Let’s Taco ‘Bout It

Taco libre
Nearly 3,000 people were anxiously awaiting Montgomery’s first ever Taco Festival on June 18.

By Kalen Huggins

What were you doing on Saturday, June 18? You could find me at Taco Libre. You’ve never heard of it? That’s because Taco Libre is the state of Alabama’s first ever taco festival! Do I even have to say anything else? For someone like me who has an unimaginable love for food, this is huge. (more…)

Ron Crumpton’s Challenge


By Nathan Howell

“If our next senator does anything aimed at helping the people of Alabama, it will be more than Senator Shelby has done,” said Ron Crumpton, who easily won the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate. Crumpton will be facing five-term Sen. Richard Shelby in the general election this fall. (more…)

What Are Your Plans?

Marlee Article

By Marlee Damrel

Many times in my life I have felt degraded because of my age, but currently I actually feel stereotyped. Some would say there is a specific phase in life to pursue a degree, marry and have children. Finishing up my fourth year in college, I am constantly being interrogated. What is your plan after college? Do you have a ring on your finger yet? Nearing college graduation, these are commonly-asked questions I can’t answer. As if finishing school is not stressful enough, I deal with the pressure of needing to answer these questions when asked. (more…)

Fun-filled Saturdays on a Budget

second saturday

By Kalen Huggins

second saturday 4
Photo Courtesy of visitingmontgomery.com

Are you ever looking for fun, inexpensive ways to spend your weekend? If your wallet looks anything like mine, you are often in need of fun on a budget. For the affordable price of one dollar, you can spend the second Saturday of every month listening to a live performance and watching fireworks on the Riverfront. These events are creatively called “Second Saturdays”—that’s when they take place, from April to August– and have been immensely popular since their debut in 2013. Second Saturdays have been free of charge until last year, when the city of Montgomery decided to charge a small fee of one dollar per person and donate the proceeds to local charities.

second saturday 3
Photo Courtesy of Amber Sutton of al.com

I have attended many past events and had a blast fangirling to popular bands like Fly By Radio and my favorite, Trotline. Wakeboarding competitions and cook offs have also taken place at Second Saturday events. A variety of local food and drink vendors are also present. The festivities are centered downtown, usually by the Amphitheater, and are in walking distance to popular bars, such as Alley Bar and SandBAR. Moreover, they are events that every member of the family can enjoy. Children 12 and under get in free of charge and can participate in the interactive activities present.

Montgomery’s event website, www.funinmontgomery.com releases information on each Saturday’s activities as the date nears so there is not an abundance of information on upcoming events right now. However, we do know that the next Second Saturday will be May 14. This month’s fun will begin with an Iron Chef Cook-off at 4 p.m. and will be followed by a performance by the MVP band at 6 p.m. For the month of May, the proceeds will go towards the Hemophilia and Blood Disorders Association. It doesn’t get any better than donating to a local cause, enjoying live entertainment and spending time outdoors with your family and friends. I hope you come out for a handful of fun-filled nights this summer but please leave your food, beverages and coolers at home.

Wakeboard competition
Photo Courtesy of Julie Bennett of al.com

For more information on this month’s event or details on upcoming activities, keep up with the Montgomery website, www.funinmontgomery.com or call (334) 625-2100.


The Wizard of Glow

By Zachary Ashburn

As the sun’s rays faded on the grounds of the Garrett Coliseum, the ultraviolet light bulbs flickered into existence and brought life to the mounds of foam being shot 20 feet into the air and onto an ecstatic and gyrating audience. Speakers on a nearby stage pumped out rhythmic pulses that seemed to send shockwaves through the crowd. Just to the side, vendors peddled their themed merchandise at elevated prices beneath white pop-up canopies. This was no ordinary 5K. It was a “Foam Glow 5k,” an event that seemed to focus more on the theatrics of glowing foam than on the actual running.

March 26 proved to be an interesting night, indeed. The electronic house duo, Taste of Bass, walked out on to a black stage and excited an already-exuberant audience. They tossed handfuls of wands, rings and all things glow in the dark. The crowd thanked them with cheers and streams of black light paint that spewed from tiny plastic bottles. These two men controlled the pulse of the night and did not let up.

wizard2If the scene was not already unique enough, a mysterious figure emerged from the parking lot and galloped straight to the beer vendor. Heads turned and phones appeared in an attempt to catch a better glimpse of this oddly dressed individual. His white unitard clung tightly to every inch of his body. An obvious white beard and wig covered the majority of his face. The white gloves and wand in his hand were outfitted with lights inside that flashed green, red, yellow and blue. Every step he took towards the source of the ultraviolet lights, the brighter his outfit would glow. Every 10 steps he took were interrupted by a 5K enthusiast hoping to take a picture with him.

“What are you?” people shouted. “A wizard!” he shouted back. “The wizard of glow! Shaboozle babooz!” The figure said while twirling his illuminated wand at them.

When the race began, this “wizard of glow” became lost in the mass of white clad runners. However, word of his appearance was not lost by those that stayed behind. “That is awesome,” some said in between laughs. “I don’t get it, but it’s funny,” others said.

After the race, Josh Jones, a member of the wizard’s group, was asked about his friend’s attire. “I don’t know exactly why he chose a wizard costume. I guess he just thought it would be funny,” Jones said. “I do know he was trying to wear as much white as he possibly could… He’s just a weird guy.”

Since Jones refused to give up the true identity of his friend, we may never know who this “wizard of glow” actually was. Whether his costume was meant to shock or entertain, it certainly had the desired effect. Smiles, gasps and laughter were abundant throughout the night. Hopefully, the “wizard of glow” will make an appearance at another 5K so we can solve this mystery.


What’s the Deal with Kratom?

Photo courtesy of AL.com
Photo courtesy of AL.com

By Turner Griffin

Have you noticed the increasing number of options there are at gas stations around Montgomery of what is typically branded as “5-Hour Energy shots?”  You can now find products like Viva Zen, K Chill and Vita Lize that are packaged in the same bottle with different labels at almost any convenience store throughout the city.  The ingredient in these products that has them flying off the shelves and creating controversy is Mitragynine Speciosa, which is found in the Kratom plant.  Kratom grows naturally in Southeast Asia and is a part of the coffee family.  It has been used in traditional South Eastern medicine systems for at least several hundred years of written recorded history. (more…)

Prisoner of Words

Tiffany Schultz, celebrating her upcoming graduation. Photo courtesy of Kade Beasley.

By Kalen Huggins 

When you think of the things you take for granted, what do you think of? Do you think of technology, clothing or a safe place to sleep at night? What about the ability to read this article? Illiteracy has been putting people at a disadvantage since the beginning of recorded history. If you think illiteracy ended with the abolition of slavery or that problems like illiteracy do not exist in America you are wrong.  Thirty-two million adults, 14 percent of the population, are illiterate, according to the 2014 U.S. Department of Education and National Institute of Literacy-data.

As cliché as the saying may be, educational attainment is the key to success in life. Without the ability to read, (more…)