Celebrate Local Authors at the Alabama Book Festival

al book festivalBy Matthew Robinson

Being a college student is tough. Between class and involvement on campus, it’s easy for you to get bogged down. Sometimes, we just need to step back and enjoy some leisure time. For many of us on campus, reading is our go to escape. On April 23, the 11th annual Alabama Book Festival seeks to bring book lovers from all over the state to Montgomery for a day full of fun and learning.

The festival includes author presentations from many famous authors including Natasha Tretheway, Rick Bragg, Homer Hickam and Alan Katz. Local authors will also be presenting throughout the day. (more…)


Get Your Family Involved with AUM Family Connection



By Matthew Robinson 

For many students here at AUM, family is perhaps the most important part of their lives. In some cases, students have had to move far away from their families and may feel disconnected. If you fall into the category, the AUM Family Connection is here to save the day.

Operating in the Office of Orientation and Transitions, the Family Connection seeks to keep families connected and inform family members of what is happening on campus. The main message of Family Connection to AUM families is that they play a vital role in their student’s college career. (more…)

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Being Privileged: Is it a Terrible Thing?

Hot Topics Cafe

By Chiomma Hall

With all that occurs in a student’s life, it is understandable that some components of campus life may be missed. Once a month, in the Landing at the Nest, students and faculty meet and openly and safely discuss topics affecting them today. With signs placed all across campus, the blunt, yet caring, nature of Hot Topics Café always keeps me coming back for more. On Feb. 10, students and faculty joined together to “check [their] privilege.” (more…)

ArcadePhoto (1) NICK

The Arcade, so far

ArcadePhoto (1) NICK

By Nick Manoliu

The AUM Computer Science Club has officially received $1,000 in funding from SGA to construct and install the retro arcade station in Warhawk Alley. Construction is expected to begin next week. The arcade is expected to be operational by August.

The announcement for funding was delayed, for a number of weeks, but initial funds have been granted, and the project is in motion. Currently, the Computer Science Club is getting materials gathered and assigning duties for the construction of the arcade system. (more…)

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Experiencing Ben Carson’s Visit to AUM


IMG_2587 (1)

By Nikki Headley

After waiting in line for thirty minutes to see Dr. Ben Carson speak, I started to wonder if it had been worth leaving class. I volunteered to cover the event because hearing a presidential candidate speak in person was a new experience for me. I have only ever seen these candidates debate on television. According to, almost 300 students were lined up from the Taylor Center to Goodwyn Hall. As it turned out, I wasn’t the only person who was (more…)

berniesanders TURNER 2

Supporting Bernie Sanders in Montgomery, Alabama

berniesanders TURNER 2

By Turner Griffin 

In this season of polarized Presidential elections the citizens of Alabama cast their ballots on March 1, 2016 on what is called “Super Tuesday.”  All polls indicated that Donald Trump would win the Republican nomination and Hillary Clinton would take the Democratic side in Alabama, and so it was.  Clinton won the Democratic side with 78% of the votes, while Trump clenched the Republican victory with 43%. I was certain that I could find plenty of voting citizens (more…)


Another Important Vote to Cast



By Katelyn Turner

As the 2016 presidential elections take place this year, many AUM students will be flexing their constitutional rights and vote for the first time. The debates, platforms and controversy surrounding the presidential candidates generate a lot of buzz and excitement and the election is the topic of conversations across campus. However, voting for the nation’s next president is not the only important vote students can cast this year. AUM holds elections each spring semester for the Student Government Association on campus. This year, the SGA elections take place on March 28 through the 31. All students are welcome to vote for the executive offices; however, college senators are voted on by members from the respective college. (more…)

Greensky Bluegrass Picture

Expanding Musical Horizons

Greensky Bluegrass Picture
Greensky Bluegrass playing their progressive style of bluegrass.


By Turner Griffin

Do you have trouble connecting with today’s popular music on a human level?  Has the heavy use of computer-generated beats and auto-tuned voices left you feeling detached from your car radio and latest playlist?  If so, push pause on the polished product and take a risk on Greensky Bluegrass. (more…)