Limited Resources Do Not Necessarily Limit Your College Success


By Jameice Turk


As an undergraduate in my last semester at AUM, I have found my journey to be a bit challenging. Coming from a high school where there were few teachers and limited technology, it made it harder for me to grasp information. I grew up in a small town just outside of Montgomery called Wilcox County where the area was and still is a very rural one.

In high school, I didn’t realize how much this could affect me until I got to college. Being in the classrooms with students who were raising their hands and answering questions, having group discussions and conversing with the teacher about things I knew very little about, made me realize just how limited my education had been. I noticed that the subjects we were discussing were things I should have learned about, if not in high school, in junior high. This is when I noticed I was at a disadvantage with my education and began to ponder ways to overcome this obstacle.

Since we as humans can’t go back and change certain things, such as who we are or what type of background we come from, it is important to recognize our circumstances and make sure we know exactly where it is we are going in life. When I discovered this, I realized that my circumstances did not define me. I began to stop looking at the past and the things I didn’t have, and I started focus more on the things I have access to now, such as computer labs, study halls and free tutoring.





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