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The Hopeful Promise of Braves Baseball

By Darrell Puckett


Braves fans have been in shambles for many Octobers because of late season heartbreak. They have been disheartened with consistent mediocre September play. It’s hard for any fan base to consistently see their team disappoint them every season, and having other people judge the fan base’s integrity based off sporting success. I’m here to say that the Atlanta Braves are back and will be more competitive this postseason.

Fredi Gonzalez, the manager of the Braves, has a ’13 record of 95-66. They have scored 676 runs while only giving up 543. Their team ERA is 3.17 and batting average total is at .300. The Braves are leading by nine games over Washington in what is normally a tight Eastern Division.

Everything from a statistical proposition looks promising, but can they finally seal the deal for fans?

Wanting to see what the local Braves faithful had to say and I talked to one particular fan about his opinion going into October. “The Braves nation feels like it’s finally our year and we’re going to seal the deal. But of course if we don’t, I might lose my mind,” Jeff Jones said.

Jones has been an avid Braves fan his entire life and devotes many days awaiting a World Series championship. “I love baseball and everything that comes from taking a trip to Turner Field, but it’s time for my Braves to take one home,” Jones said.

As a Braves fan, I believe that it’s possible to at least make the deep venture into October baseball playoffs. The greatest thing about being a fan of any sporting team is the elusiveness and thrill of competing for national recognition. It can make a grown man cry or even give them something to be proud of.

The magical moments that the game of baseball can provide is breathtaking and will linger around the minds of youthful hopefuls forever. If you’re a Braves fan this fall, there is hope in the air.

Never give up or allow others to demoralize your team’s dream during this October run. For me, I’m rooting for the Bravos to turn up their steam and make a playoff push. Good luck to all.

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