Sanders Celebrates Dr. King




Sanders Photo 1
Bernie Sanders addressing the crowd at Boutwell Memorial Auditorium in Birmingham.

By Nathan Howell

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a date to celebrate one of the most influential voices in the history of the civil rights movement. This year, thousands of Alabamians celebrated by attending a political rally at the Boutwell Memorial Auditorium in Birmingham for presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

“There must be a mistake, someone told me Alabama is a conservative state,” Sanders joked as he addressed the crowd of 5,700 people inside the auditorium and another 1,400 in a separate location outside. (more…)

Iowa Caucus 2016


By Dasa Rosca

There is a great deal of pressure between the two remaining Democratic candidates to the Presidency. What was once seen as a stroll through the park for the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton turned into a nightmare in Iowa. In a race that was too close to call, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders snapped at Clinton’s heels into the wee hours of the morning. At the end of the day, only a few delegates separated the two; six of the precincts were decided with a flip of a coin. (more…)

Going to the Discotech…Silently

By Matthew Robinson

Jan. 11 2016 will be remembered for a lot of things. It was the first day of class for the Spring semester. It was the day that the Alabama Crimson Tide won their 16th (or 10th if you are picky) national football championship. It was also a day in which more than 240 AUM students enjoyed a new and unique event, the Silent Disco. (more…)

We Are in the Same Boat

By Marlee Damrel

Do you sometimes feel alone and need someone to understand what you are going through? Is the weight of the world holding you down? There is no need to feel alone when dealing with stress, depression or anxiety. The AUM Counseling Center will begin Mindfulness Group every Friday starting Jan. 29. Dealing with the stress of the semester can be overwhelming and impossible to take on without interaction from other peers. Group counseling will allow you to relieve stress and participate in activities that will help your mental health. There will be seven activities included in the meetings. (more…)

AUM Peace Tree 2015

By Darya Farsinejad

Christmas lights are being hung, cookies are being baked, and of course trees are going up in nearly every household across the nation. AUM did its part in ringing in the holiday spirit. On Nov. 17, AUM Study Abroad partnered with the Roost to host its second annual AUM World Peace Tree. Students were able to come into the Roost and decorate their own ornament to hang on the tree. The tree adorned with flags from all over the world, including the programs Study Abroad has to offer, and signified the importance of the unity of all countries. (more…)

College and Post- Recession Times

By Tyreaze Foster

Within the coming weeks, thousands of students will be graduating and taking part in the turning of the tassel ceremony, from left to right.

For many this symbolizes one’s transition from student to graduate which means entrance into the stressful lifestyle of adulthood. Soon after this achievement, reality sets in, and the search for a job becomes a quest that many will consider to be the equivalent to Frodo’s journey in “Lord of the Rings.”  Also, for many Americans this means their first payment of their student loans are due–the average payment is close to $400, according to the Gallup-Purdue Index 2015 Report. This means there will be at least a decade of payments ahead for them. The years after college will be just as stressful as the four they spent working on the freshly-printed cardstock. (more…)

I Get Around

By LaTara Holloway 

I bought my first car my sophomore of college after being pushed into it by my family. I’d spent the last few months begging for rides and catching the bus to school and work, and they decided that all that had to stop. I didn’t want to end up with a lease I wasn’t sure I could pay, neither did I look especially hard for the car. What I got was a faded 1993 Maroon Honda Accord whose. I didn’t really care to drive in a car that was just one year younger than me, but it did get me where I needed to go before being laid to rest a few months ago. For the last few months I’ve had to figure out how to get around Oceanside without a car. (more…)

AFSP: Out of the Darkness

By Alexis Rabsatt

Suicide is the second leading cause of death on U.S. college campuses. The first one? Accidents, most of which, however, are believed to be suicide-related. “One in every four college students dies by suicide,” said Jennifer Bradley, Director of the AUM Counseling Center and president of the Alabama Counseling Association.

The AUM Counseling Center partnered with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to provide the River Region’s Out of the Darkness community walk on Nov. 14. The goal of the event was to raise money and awareness to support the fight against suicide. “Fortunately, we have not had a completed suicide at AUM; however, it is a consistent issue in the Counseling Center due to depression” Bradley said. (more…)

A Day at the Oceanside Sunset Market


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By LaTara Holloway

LaTara Holloway is an AUM student and long-time contributor to the AUMnibus. She is completing her degree in Communication and Theatre from Oceanside, California, where she now lives with her husband and son.

There were always a few events held throughout the year that brought people out for an enjoyable night in Montgomery, such as the Southern Makers Market, The Holiday Market and the Alabama National Fair among others. Although fun to attend, they were always spaced too far apart.

Here in Oceanside there’s a weekly event that the locals love to go to called the Sunset Market. (more…)

Honoring the Dead in Oceanside


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By LaTara Holloway

Sunday afternoon my friends and I trudged through the crowd at the annual Dia de los Muertos event held at Old Mission San Luis Rey De Francia Church.

The event has been going on since 10 a.m., but people are steadily filing into the area well into the afternoon when we arrive. I’ve always heard about Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, from TV shows and in cultural lessons in Spanish class, but this is my first time actually attending the celebration. (more…)