Beatbox Using Google Translate?


Have you ever wanted to impress your friends with epic beatboxing skills? Perhaps not, but if you have, why not whip out your smartphone and let Google do the work for you?

Using this incredibly specific Google translate Easter Egg, you can let Google beatbox for you. You must use a specific set of characters and translate from German to Filipino. Here, we’ve done the legwork for you. Just click the listen (beatbox) button. Who said Google Translate was only good for translating?

10 Theories About Time Travel

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Take a ride on the weird side with these 10 theories about time travel from AllTime10s. These concepts are sure to get you thinking.


What about you? What is your opinion on time travel? Do you think time travel is possible, or just the ideas of people with way to much time on their hands? Tell us in the comments below.

Fantasy Football Isn’t Just For Geeks

By Darrell Puckett


There’s something that comes alive during the early fall, and brings happiness to men all over the country. Yes, college football is awesome, but what is the key to ultimate happiness during fall? It’s simple; NFL fantasy football explains it all.

For grown men who have a wife and kids or college students looking for something to get them through the semester, NFL fantasy football helps individual productivity. Personally as a college student, playing fantasy football during the fall semester has given me motivation to get my studies done in order to watch games. Grown men that sit at work patiently waiting, while getting their work done, so that they can watch how Adrian Peterson does tonight produces positive productivity.

Everyone wants to achieve something meaningful, and for some, a NFL fantasy football championship is that. Sure it seems childish to join a league with your buddies, and draft actual players, then play against each other and keep score depending on how each player performs, but there’s more to it. The art of friendship through the people you play with is created, and self-confidence levels are boosted.

Not every person can be a professional athlete, so why not live your dream of playing through actual players? Fantasy football gives the owner of certain players the ability to game manage a team, and confirm trade transactions between other members. It’s the ultimate NFL experience available for fans.

Of course people will try to argue that you’re playing a fake unrealistic game and wasting time, but they’re wrong. Fantasy football is just a game, but at the same time it brings competition. Things such as friendship and self-confidence are built during the season, which in return makes your productivity accelerate for whatever task you have to accomplish.

At day’s end what harm can happen while playing NFL fantasy football? Or better yet, what are the positive things that come from playing fantasy football? That’s the question you must ask yourself, but I can promise that if you’re open to trying new things the fall will seem less stressful.

Hate it or love it, competition can bring out the best in people. If you haven’t given fantasy football a second thought, then do me a favor and consider it. There is nothing more exciting to do with your buddies during the fall than NFL fantasy football.

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10 Reasons College Football Is Better In The South

By Jessica Klinner


College football season is upon us, and there’s no better place to be than the South.  There are four seasons here: winter, spring, summer, and football.  We are crazy about the teams to which we pledge our undying allegiance. If you do not spend every Saturday watching your team along with all the other SEC teams, you’re seen as strange. Northerners don’t understand our madness. Heck, sometimes we don’t even understand it ourselves. It’s just how things work. Here are the 10 Reasons College Football Is Better In The South.

1.     Fans are louder and crazier.

Never underestimate the love a fan has for their favorite college football team.  While most support their favorite team all year round, football season is when all the elaborate decorations are pulled from their storage space in the attic and placed in yards, on cars, and throughout the house. Inflatable mascots, house flags, signs and mailbox covers adorn the houses of every subdivision. “Roll Tide,” “War Eagle,” and “Hotty Toddy” become the normal greetings between fans.  Fights break out with one mention of how Team A is going to beat the living daylights out of Team B. Yeah, we might be a little crazy, but college football is religion down here and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

2.     Tailgating is an all day event.

 Bring on the food! Tailgating at any college in the Southeast is an experience like no other. If you think there’s a lot of food at your Thanksgiving table, just wait until you see the amount of food at a home game tailgate. Didn’t bring any food or a tent to tailgate under? No worries! Walk up to almost any tent and you’ll be invited in like family. Most tailgaters don’t even have tickets to the game. They come to enjoy the atmosphere and socialize with their family, friends, and fellow fans. After all, that’s what it’s all about.

3.     Every college has their own traditions.  

 Tradition is a tremendous part of why college football in the South is such a big deal. It’s years and years of rivalries, championships, and award winning players.  When talking about tradition in SEC football, most people think of the Toomer’s Oaks at Auburn, tailgating in The Grove at Ole Miss, and the Million Dollar Band at Alabama. Tradition doesn’t only affect the game of football, though. It also involves a family tradition. You pull for a team because your parents did and their parents did, as well. It’s like an old family heirloom that gets passed down through the generations.

4.     No one else understands the method to our madness.

It is seen time and time again when people from all over the country enter into our sacred realm of college football that they are scared, confused, and a little concerned. We aren’t the easiest people to figure out. We have weird accents, fry everything, and curse anyone who wears an opposing teams apparel to our teams game. For instance, when you arrive in the state of Alabama, you are forced to choose between Alabama and Auburn. It doesn’t matter if you went to Michigan and your mom teaches at Florida State.  We just want to know which of the two you are going to pull for. This will determine what friends you have, what parties you’re invited to, and possibly who you date and marry. So if you’re moving to Alabama anytime soon, beware of what’s coming. Also, no one seems to understand how we can have businesses that run solely off the sale of college football apparel.  We love our t-shirts. What more can we say?

5.     Nothing beats being in a SEC college town on game day.

While it’s nice to sit at home and enjoy the game sitting in your big, comfy recliner, nothing beats being in a college town on game day. Being surrounded by thousands of strangers somehow makes you feel right at home. But you don’t have a ticket, you say? No need. Just find any bar or open tailgate and enjoy the game. If there’s a win that night, you’ll be glad you didn’t stay at home where the only person willing to celebrate with you is your dog. Not good enough.

6.     We completely dominate any and every team outside of the SEC.

Let’s take a look at the last seven national champions: Florida, LSU, Florida, Alabama, Auburn, Alabama, Alabama. Well, would you look at that? All SEC teams! There’s really no need for me to go any further. We are the best of the best and everyone wants to join in on the action. Sorry, we don’t accept losers in this conference. What is that, you say? Auburn had their worst season in 60 years last year? Ole Miss never wins anything? Okay, calm down there sport. Even if an SEC team has a bad year, it doesn’t matter. They’re still better than most ACC, Big 12, and Big Ten teams. Don’t hate us cause you ain’t us, okay?

7.     The team colors are a fashion statement.

Showing allegiance to your team goes far beyond cheering and going to games; it’s a fashion statement. 90% of the year purple and gold does not go together, but come September they are the only colors to wear for LSU fans.  It doesn’t matter how awful those blue pants look with that bright red shirt; you’re wearing them together because it’s game day in Oxford. But let’s be real, that awful Tennessee orange will never be okay. Ever.

8.     We treat the mascots like celebrities.

What is sweeter than seeing a little kid posing for a picture with Aubie or Smokey? Nothing. Mascots are the image of a team.  They can get away with pretty much anything they want. Do you think a security guard is going to stop Big Al from crowd surfing? No way! Mascots are the entertainment for when games get too boring or stressful to continue watching. We treat them as if they’re celebrities because in our eyes they are.

9.     The rivalries can divide families, friends, and co-workers.

Rivalries are the most exciting part of college football in the South. There’s nothing like watching your team dominate their rival, especially on their home turf. The winning fans not only get to watch their rival fans groan in anguish after the game, but they also get bragging rights for the rest of the year. Most rivalries are between in-state teams, but sometimes they can just be the only team who beat you last season (Looking at you Texas A&M!).

10.    The players are treated like royalty.

College football players are just like you and me, except they’re not. While they may be in your classes and eat at the same dining hall as you, they’re considered royalty by a lot of people.  Their autograph on a football can sell for hundreds of dollars on eBay. They’re under the watchful eye of the press at all times because one wrong move and they’re off the team.  We love keeping up with what they’re doing outside of the football stadium: who they’re dating, what restaurants they like to eat at, what kind of car they drive.  We want to take pictures with them because one day they’re going to be famous NFL players or bank tellers (not everyone can be so lucky). We idolize them because the fate of the team’s season rests in their hands and feet and just their body in general. They’re the Justin Timberlake’s and Jay Z’s of college football and we support them no matter what.

Job Hunting with Keith Cullen

By Lisa Ranieri


The AUMnibus sits down with Keith Cullen to discuss what’s going on with the Career Development Center.

Have you thought to yourself, “I really need a job or an internship, but I don’t know where to look”? Keith Cullen, Associate Director of the Career Development Center, tells us all about how to get ready for future job searching and how to make a resume.

Most of you have seen on your MyAUM page the WarHawk Jobs icon. This is the main database where you can find jobs both on and off campus. This is not only an access point for employers but also a site where you can upload your resume and have it available for the employers that are looking for you.

Not sure if your resume is in good shape? Do you want someone to take a look at it? Stop by the Career Development Center on the third floor of Taylor Center. They will help you fix any mistakes or make it look more appropriate for whatever job you are applying for.

There are new events happening with the CDC. For most of you who have a Facebook, they have a Facebook page, AUM Career Development Center. Instead of getting numerous emails of job opportunities you can get notifications on who is going to be at the next job fair, funny career pictures, and different ways to learn about job opportunities.

The Career Development Center has many job fairs but sometimes life gets in the way and students cannot make them. Starting Friday, September 6 they will be hosting career webinars for students. This is a great way to be informed of any opportunities that will happen and to learn more about a specific topic being discussed.

Be sure to stay informed with job opportunities with AUM Career Development Center’s Facebook page and stop by and see them on the third floor of Taylor Center for any questions!

Listen to Wikipedia


The coolest thing you’ve ever… heard?

Witness the intrigue of Listen to Wikipedia, a website where every edit to the massive encyclopedia is reflected in music. Bells represent an addition to the article, and guitar represent a subtraction. The sharpness of the tone reflects the size of the edit. It’s both hypnotic and beautiful to hear the organic melodies that spring from this ingenious website.

Watch the unbelievable cornucopia of topics that are edited by the second in this awesome app. Click here to Listen to Wikipedia.

35 Odd College Mascots


Auburn University at Montgomery’s official mascot name is the Warhawks. This is a fearsome name that is sure to alarm potential opponents. However, AUM’s mascot name was the Senators just a few short years ago. And while the threat of potential filibuster or heated congressional debate is always something to fear, an actual alarm for one’s well-being is not part of the equation.

Today’s YouTube Tuesday video by Mental Floss delivers 35 more college mascots that could be considered odd and unusual.

Can you think of any more colleges with unusual mascots? What was your favorite? Sound off in the comments.

More Than a Coach

By Darrell Puckett

The passion of becoming a coach doesn’t stem from trying to accomplish successful winning seasons or counting how many great players you’ve coached, but the way players respond to your teaching.  Life isn’t a cakewalk for anyone, and when a high school kid plays sports they are looking to accomplish something higher than their self.  At the same time there must be guidance in order for this to occur.

Peak has been teaching and presenting the game of life for many years now. Photo courtesy of Lisa Moates.
Peak has been teaching and presenting the game of life for many years now.
Photo courtesy of Lisa Moates.

Sam Peak, 66, has been involved with many sports at different levels in multiple high schools over the years, and always had more in mind than winning.  It’s made simple by Peak about the true impact of coaching, and how his style sets up kids for becoming more than just an athlete.

Winning in many people’s eyes is solidified by a victory, but what really exemplifies this?  Peak has coached football, baseball, basketball, cross-country and tennis over his years, and realizes that he won’t be remembered for the victories or losses.  His legacy will be remembered by the lasting impact that was left with each kid on and off the field.

Trust plays a huge factor in Peak’s ability to coach and direct. “I knew from the second practice started that giving my all was expected, and that if I trusted him, he would trust me too,” JP Northcutt said.

 Through the game of baseball, Peak has taught so many kids what it takes to become successful. Photo courtesy of Lisa Moates
Through the game of baseball, Peak has taught so many kids what it takes to become successful.
Photo courtesy of Lisa Moates.

Northcutt played baseball under Peak during ’08-’09 seasons at Prattville Christian Academy, and was named team captain his senior year.  “I thought of coach as a father figure because the way he cared off the field, but also his appreciation for baseball.” Northcutt said.

Peak not only is the athletic director at PCA, but head football coach for this ’13 season.  The opportunity for a season veteran such as Peak to coach high school football again is rare, and should not be taken lightly.  “We have some real good kids with plenty of skill to become playmakers, but with that being said, I’m trying to mold them into better Christians, students, husbands and employers for their future,” Peak said.

As a former student and player of Coach Peak, I can honestly say that without that man influencing my life through the game of baseball, I wouldn’t be the same person today.  Kids look up to their coaches more than they know, and through their influence lives are shaped.

A motivator, teacher and leader are just a few things that describe Peak’s personality, but what’s the key component?  Love for the kids and game explains it all.  “I feel responsible for trying to mature and help these kids succeed in life, and I won’t give up on anyone of them,” Peak said.

I guess you could say that Peak’s love for the game got him here, but his love for the kids will be what made him a legend.

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From Auburn University to Warhawk Nation

By Lisa Raineri

We sat down with Auburn University at Montgomery’s own Joel Hughes to discuss his journey to AUM, as well as campus activities and events.

Meet Joel Hughes, Associate Director of Orientation at AUM.

The first two years of his college experience he played football at a community college. Afterwards, he decided to move back home to Auburn and transfer to Auburn University.

While at Auburn, he received his undergraduate degree in Communications in 2005. He was the head cheerleader his junior and senior year of his undergraduate career.  Joel also participated in Student Government Association.

After completing his undergraduate degree, he went to the University of Southern Mississippi to obtain his Master’s degree. He completed it in 2010. While at Southern Mississippi, he was in charge of Policies and Procedures. His duties included overseeing religious activities, curriculum guidelines, Greek life, honors society, and special interests organizations such as SGA.

Joel became a part of the AUM family in 2011. He and his wife wanted to be closer to home and they were both ready for the next challenge life was presenting them. Joel recently began working on his Doctorate’s degree.

iPod Update: Bon Iver


The website you are on is not the first online version of the AUMnibus. The AUMnibus was published exclusively online for a number of years. Thanks to the Internet Archive, we can recover some of those articles. This was one of the very first articles published on the site around 2007 or 2008.

Bon Iver is a household name when it comes to current music, but when this article was published he was merely an independent artist trying to make a living.

iPod Update: Bon Iver
Bon Iver- “For Emma, Forever Ago”
By Katy Williams

Time spent isolated from the world can do one of two things: drive a person completely insane or inspire that person to create something so beautiful that any outside factor would do nothing more than spoil its authenticity.

Bon Iver is a band whose album “For Emma, Forever Ago” did just that. Justin Vernon, the lead singer of Bon Iver, escaped his hectic world full of deadlines and pressure to a pristine and quiet cabin in the north woods of Wisconsin on the brink of winter to collect his thoughts. He had no intention of writing an album, but when he emerged from his seclusion, a quiet masterpiece was born.

The name “Bon Iver” comes from the French words “Bon Hiver,” meaning “good winter.” This bittersweet winter helped the singer with his journey of self realization and closure in his last relationship that ended with his heart completely shattered and calloused to the world. Each track has a powerful meaning, and hauntingly powerful vocals. Bon Iver takes raw emotions that we all feel from time to time and turns them into words to sing along with and music to nod your head.

The first track entitled “Flume” does more than just set the tone for the entire album; it slaps you in the face with nostalgic notes and chords that – in some way, shape or form – take you back to some point in your life when you felt that low. It gives you something to soothe your pain. “Skinny Love” is an exceptional track on the album as well. The vocals are strained and stretched almost to the point of cracking, just like his heart. Every instrument sounds worn out and raspy for the same reason.

The journey in the artist’s life becomes apparent in the song “Re:Stacks.” He emphasizes that the music he is writing is not his passage of becoming a new person, but a weight being lifted from his soul as he leaves the cabin returning to his old life.

“This is not the sound of a new man or crispy realization; it’s the sound of the unlocking and the lift away. Your love will be, safe with me.”

This is definitely an album that you would enjoy in the pensive stillness of the night, the silent woods, or just the calm seclusion of your headphones.