Fitness at its Finest

 By Nikki Headley

Exercising may seem like it’s just something to do in your spare time. Yet, being physically active is something that should be done every day. AUM Wellness Center has a lot to offer: a gym to lift weights, a pool and even a track. And fitness classes led by trained instructors with a passion for working out! I attended Vira Salzburn’s class, GRIND, and I saw just how on fire she is for exercising.

First, one reason why someone should attend GRIND is because it is a tough workout. After the warmup, your body is in a constant state of work. The class is one hour long, and you will do various cycles of exercise. Each class begins with a warmup to get your blood flowing and heart pumping. You will do each cycle twice, and normally there are about four in each round. GRIND then ends with a cool down. Salzburn will make sure that you work every muscle in your body. You will be drenched in sweat when you leave this class, but at least you will know that you got a good workout.

Ingrid Muniz on the left and Vira Salzburn on the right. This was taken right after GRIND.


Secondly, whenever you walk into Salzburn’s class, you automatically feel welcome. Salzbrun greets all of her clients with a warm smile and a peppy attitude. GRIND has many college age students that attend each week, so they can meet new people. When I asked Salzbrun about why she started teaching she said, “I like teaching because I know how it can change a person. I have changed, and I want to share that with others. It’s important that you’re healthy. It’s not about your looks, but how you feel. I feel like I’m giving back to the community. I was inspired by many of the AUM instructors, but one of the main ones was Ingrid Muniz.” Salzburn is a dedicated instructor, and she will help you get through the class with a smile.Salzburn is a great instructor with a love for exercise. If you want to attend a challenging class, go to GRIND. The class is offered on Mondays from 6:30 to 7:30.



U.S. Sports: Nothing Like the Fall




By Jacob Horton

For sports enthusiasts all over the country, no other time of the year can compete with the fall. To quote the late Andy Williams and his world-renown 1963 Christmas hit, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Regardless of your team or sport, the upcoming fall slate of action never fails to disappoint.

At the top of the list of fall sports stands football, in all of its glory.  Here in America, football serves as the driving force behind almost everything we do.  In the southeastern region of the United States, football is a way of life. Since there are not many professional football organizations in our region, college football tends to be the preferred choice among most fans. Weddings, birthdays and other social gatherings are all planned with extreme caution on Saturdays during the fall.

Let’s stop beating around the bush here; football is what makes the fall so great. Everything about it seems to bring out the best in everybody that chooses to partake in this revelry. The food, the atmosphere, the rivalries; one could make a list of all the positives that come included with this great sport.

Arguably the best thing about football is that in our country, we have a day (or night) of the weekend dedicated to each and every level of competition, with the occasional weeknight game thrown in. Friday nights belong to high school football, with the majority of teams across the nation kicking off on this day.  Then you have your college football on Saturdays, which in our part of the country can be the reason behind a good or bad proceeding week at work or school. We wrap up our weekend with a little bit of professional football on Sundays, which also may consist of an afternoon nap as we try to recover from yesterday’s college games. Three whole days of nonstop football watching action is how most sports fans in our country spend their weekends in the fall.

While football serves as the main attraction for fall entertainment, there are still other sporting events that take place during this time that can be as exciting. September and October provide us with enthusiastic, down-to-the-wire pennant races in Major League Baseball.  As the lengthy 162-game regular season comes to a close, teams all over the MLB look to punch their post season tickets in hopes of bringing home a World Series title.

Unlike football, where one may only get to watch it on certain nights, playoff baseball is on television every evening until a champion is crowned. These postseason games feature close-knit action, where one pitch could result in the difference between winning and losing a series. These games have the calmest of baseball fans on the edge of their seats, clinging nervously to every play.  When it comes to middle of the week prime time television entertainment, look for a  postseason baseball to be able to do the trick.

As the leaves begin to change colors and we approach the beloved season of fall, sports fans all over begin to rejoice over the great things that they know are to come. No matter what level of competition, the satisfaction we get from these sporting events cannot be rivaled. Some of our greatest memories in life can be associated with these events that take place every year. From a fan’s perspective, there really is no better time than fall.




























Big Fish Makes Big Splash on Campus



By Jessica Klinner

What brings people together in the name of academic learning and fun? A book club, of course! AUM’s Common Reading Program, AUM Connected, is cultivating the largest book club in the Montgomery area. Every school year a book is chosen to be read campus and community wide. The 2014-2015 selection, “Big Fish,” is already making a big splash on campus.

Dr. Lee Farrow, Associate Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and co-chair of the Common Reading Committee, sits in her office decked out in zombie apparel. She has just returned from the SOLA’s Zombie Bash and energetically discusses the upcoming events planned in association with “Big Fish.”  The most anticipated of the events is the talk with author Daniel Wallace followed by a showing of the film adaptation of the novel and a book signing. Other events include several lectures by faculty members, a social media guided treasure hunt and a community wide book signing with Wallace.

When the program started three years ago, there was a very small number of participants. Over the years, Farrow and the rest of the committee have worked to make the program more appealing to students and their various interests. “It’s a way to try and get students involved in the university, allow students to meet one another and to interact with faculty in a non-threatening setting,” Farrow said.

With a variety of events prepared for the fall semester, the program will have no problem drawing in a diverse crowd of students. The best thing about the program is that the students, faculty and staff at AUM have a say in which book is chosen. Suggestions from the campus are submitted to a committee, who take the best suggestions and narrow them down to six books. Once the final books have been decided on, the students, faculty and staff of AUM vote on which one they want to be featured as the official book of the Common Reading Program for the next school year. This method allows students to be actively involved in the program. “We really want this to be a program that appeals to people all over campus regardless of their major or their specialty,” Farrow said.

Beyond campus, AUM Connected aims to get the community involved by offering a special book signing with Wallace at Capitol Books and News as well as a screening of “Big Fish”at the Capri in Old Cloverdale. “We are a resource here in Montgomery, and I’d like to see the community benefit from that,” Farrow said.

The Common Reading Program is also holding a contest called “Picture Me Reading.” This is the second installment in the contest, which asksthose wanting to be involved with the program to take a picture of themselves reading “Big Fish” and email it to Farrow. Submissions for the fall term are due by Jan. 15 and can be sent to for consideration.  The year of Big Fish will culminate with an event in early March called “AUM Reads” that will feature speakers, events, and a movie, all tied to the theme of reading for fun and self-edification.


2014 SGA Retreat: Fresh Leadership

By Parker Judy


After the Student Government Association elections last spring semester, the Auburn University at Montgomery student body came under new leadership.  After Marie Reuter was elected as President and I was elected Vice President, we immediately began planning our course of action for the new administration. This course was founded on a vision for greater transparency with students and reorganization of our own internal operations to more adequately represent every student.  In order to accomplish this vision, we unveiled the specific plans to the entire Student Government during the retreat that took place weeks before the fall semester.  The Executive Council met on the first morning , and President Reuter discussed the agenda for the two-day retreat.  Once the new Senate and Cabinet were formally welcomed, and we were all introduced to one another, we all loaded up the bus and headed to our retreat destination: the Alabama 4-H Center, a camp located on the glittering Lay Lake in Columbiana. As we approached the remote location, there was excitement along with the awkwardness inevitable in an assembly of strangers. After settling into our rooms, Secretary Caleb Conner led us in an icebreaker that quickly dissolved all tension.  We clicked, and now that we all had been given the opportunity to know one another on a personal level and fill our stomachs in the mess hall, it was time to get to work.  Despite the fact that only a few of the members ran for their positions during campus-wide elections, all of them were  noticeably aware that they represented a specific population of AUM students and were expected to do a job. President Reuter began putting our duties into perspective by focusing us on the reasons why we belonged to the SGA. The consensus was that we were all participating to unify our diverse population of students by volunteering ourselves as visible, accessible and vocal problem solvers, advocating for a more enjoyable atmosphere of learning and extracurricular activities, and strengthening our campus spirit.

To accomplish those goals, we were aware that as AUM’s Student Government we must communicate with students in a more efficient manner. Therefore, we established Transparency, Sustainability, Traditions, and Homecoming Committees open to non-members with the intent on making sure we did just that. In addition, a master calendar of upcoming events was created to keep us organized and deliberate in our actions.  Now that a clear and unmistakable identity for the entire administration had been set, President Reuter split the Senate and Cabinet into separate groups in order to more precisely define the roles and expectations of each individual member. As Vice President, I focused the Senate on how to address policy issues governing campus life and the manner in which they would be supporting the students in each academic school. In conjunction, the Cabinet was guided by Chief of Staff Jonathan Segars in the elements governing event planning and representation of targeted student population.  Once these responsibilities were made clear, Parliamentary rules of order were established, and the methodology behind passing amendments, billsand resolutions was defined.

A significant portion of information had been consumed in a short amount of time, but the mannerisms and feedback of the assembly proved that there was a clear comprehension of our mission and responsibilities. Even though this was our first group meeting, there was official business that needed to be covered. Therefore, we conducted our first Senate meeting, and multiple members were sworn in by Chief Justice Chris Searcy.  One of these was Treasurer Blanca Olivarez, who encouraged the Senate with a bold statement about her plans for the Appropriations Committee and her ability to properly divert funds to student organizations.

The meeting was a success, and we rewarded ourselves with a rudely-built campfire, tasty s’mores and informal conversations.  After the campfire, we proceeded into a late night filled with storytelling, card games and the pelting of President Reuter with an inflatable beach ball.  The following morning we rose early, ate a hearty breakfast and carried out team building exercises in the woods.  Student Affairs Director and SGA Advisor Lakecia Harris brought the retreat to a close by reminding us of all we had learned over the two days.  She encouraged us to be consistent in our efforts during the busy year and unhesitant in our support of you, the Warhawk Nation.




Puckett’s Preseason Top 10

By Darrell Puckett


The anticipation of how the Auburn Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide will finish is the talk of this summer’s sports radio stations.  The state of Alabama has always thought this discussion as essential. Many esteemed websites and columnists have given their top 10 pre-season rankings. Here are mine:

  1. Florida State
  2. Auburn
  3. Oregon
  4. Alabama
  5. Stanford
  6. Oklahoma
  7. UCLA
  8. Baylor
  9. South Carolina
  10. LSU

Let’s remember one key thing, it’s too early for anyone to successfully rank these teams.  Pre-season rankings are what true, impatient and excited fans look forward to.

Auburn:   The Tigers are prepared for another great season, but their schedule strength has been ranked third toughest in the country.  With trap games like Kansas State and Mississippi State early in the season, any team could slip up.  This doesn’t take away from the amount of talent coming back for Auburn.  Coach Malzahn, for the first time in his college coaching career, will return Nick Marshall as starting quarterback.  Also, the Tigers return Sammie Coates who led a young receiving group last season.  With the signing of five-star wide-receiver Duke Williams, Auburn could potentially have the two most dynamic receivers in college football this season.   Unfortunately, reports have indicated that sophomore defensive end Carl Lawson might undergo season ending ACL surgery.

If Auburn can get through the LSU game undefeated, then another appearance in post-season play should be expected.  The four team playoff has left a lot fans questioning how teams will be selected.   Winning your league will be very valuable.

Alabama:  The addition of junior quarterback Jacob Coker, a Florida State transfer, has made many Alabama fans excited.  Losing a two-time BCS National Championship quarterback like AJ McCarron should be tough, but the Crimson Tide feel confident in Coker’s talent.  Coach Jimbo Fisher commented on Coker’s talent level and said that he should be the best quarterback Nick Saban has had at Alabama.     The Tide has loaded up again with prestigious young players.  Look for the Tide to have an outstanding chance to finish undefeated because of a less intensive schedule.

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Puckett’s Flaming Hot Preseason SEC Rankings


By Darrell Puckett

When discussing sports talk in the South, there’s always one constant: college football. Last season I gave my preseason list of where teams will finish regarding the SEC Eastern and Western divisions.  This season I will be swift and direct but informative.  With no further ado, here’s a look into my projected SEC rankings for 2014.


  1. Auburn (13-1, 7-1)
  2. LSU (11-2, 6-2)
  3. Alabama (11-2, 6-2)
  4. Ole Miss (9-4, 4-4)
  5. Texas A&M (8-5, 3-5)
  6. Mississippi State (7-6, 3-5)
  7. Arkansas (4-8, 1-7)


  1. Georgia (11-2, 6-2)
  2. Florida (11-2, 6-2)
  3. South Carolina (10-3, 5-3)
  4. Missouri (9-4, 4-4)
  5. Kentucky (7-6, 3-5)
  6. Tennessee (6-7, 2-6)
  7. Vanderbilt (4-8, 1-7)

AUBURN: Of course, the Auburn Tigers led by Nick Marshall are my number one team in this West division.  Turning from 3-9 (0-8) to 12-2 (7-1) in one year says a lot about Coach Gus Malzahn and his staff.  Yes, Tre Mason is gone, but there’s more to this offense than an NFL running back.  Newly acquired junior college receiver Duke Williams, along with Sammie Coates, will provide Marshall the needed weapons out deep.  The key will be on defense by improving their secondary and star-linebacker positions.  This might be the deepest depth perception wise at each position in AU history.  The Tiger’s do have the 16th toughest schedule according to Bleacher Report, so that should be their biggest hurdle.  Auburn’s road games are at Kansas State, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Georgia, and Alabama.  This difficult schedule could both hurt and help AU’s chances of reaching the four team National Championship playoff.

GEORGIA: Mark Richt has been on the hot seat for many years now, but I believe that this will be his season.  Georgia returns with the most dynamic running back duo since Auburn’s Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown with Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall.  If Gurley and Marshall weren’t injured last season, the Dawgs would’ve produced a better record.  Watch out for Georgia if they start the season off 2-0 after victories over Clemson and South Carolina.  Historically speaking, the team that wins between South Carolina and Georgia usually has a slight edge within this Eastern division.  The Dawgs must find a way to slow down USC running back Mike Davis to win that game.  Look for Georgia to make a huge impact among the East teams, while Florida and South Carolina sit outside the top spot.

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Teams Look to Change their Luck in the NFL Draft


By Chad Underwood

As the National Football League and its fans wait through another offseason, one of the league’s premier events is only a couple weeks away: The NFL Draft. It is a spectacle in every way, from the non-stop coverage provided by ESPN and the NFL Network to the fans who pay to watch it all unfold from their seats in Radio City Music Hall. The draft can be a blessing or a curse for the bottom feeders of the league. In 2012, the Indianapolis Colts drafted Andrew Luck, who went on to have a remarkable first two seasons in the NFL. That pick set up the Colts to be successful for the foreseeable future. Much harsher realities face teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Cleveland Browns, who cannot find the right formula when it comes to the draft. Both teams will once again pick in the top ten in this year.

In this preview, I would like to look at some of the teams with top picks, and how they could improve their chances of winning dramatically this offseason.


The Texans are coming off a 2-14 record last year and have a huge decision ahead of them regarding the number one overall pick. The team desperately needs a quarterback, but that would mean passing on South Carolina’s stud defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. The Texans were a playoff team two seasons ago and lost six games last year by five points or less. The case could be made that Houston is not as bad as last year’s record indicates. If the Texans go with a quarterback like Central Florida’s Blake Bortles, it puts them in a high-risk, high reward scenario. Drafting Clowney would be a much safer pick, and with the combination of him and current Texans defensive end J.J. Watt would certainly give Houston one of the most feared pass rushes in the entire league.

FINAL VERDICT: Take Clowney and find a quarterback in another round of the draft. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was a third round draft pick in 2012 and won the Super Bowl last year. It can be done.


The St. Louis Rams had a 7-9 record last season, and they have this pick because of a trade that occurred with Washington in 2012. The Rams found a possession receiver in Tavon Austin in the first round of last year’s draft and could be looking at that same position this year. Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins could make an immediate impact on a young corps who needs another playmaker desperately. Of course, if Jadeveon Clowney is available, this would make perfect sense for the Rams, adding to an already strong pass rush that ranked third in sacks last season. If Clowney is not available, other viable options include trading the pick for a veteran wide receiver or taking Buffalo DE Khalil Mack, who is widely considered the second best DE in the draft.

FINAL VERDICT: I love the idea of trading the pick for a veteran receiver if that option is available. Lots of teams will be chasing Clowney, so if he slips to that second pick it will take on a whole new level of value. If the Rams can get a team to overpay for the second overall pick in the form of a wide receiver with professional experience, I would trade the pick.


The Jaguars obtained a 4-12 record last season and maintained their reputation as the laughing stock of the league. Wide receiver Justin Blackmon is suspended indefinitely and requesting reinstatement in 2014 after some trouble with the law and a trip to rehab. So it might make the most sense for the Jags to cut ties with Blackmon and draft an available receiver like Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans from Texas A&M. Jacksonville also needs help at quarterback and another Texas A&M player could help there: Johnny Manziel. Manziel is by far the most exciting player in the draft, and one the Jags could benefit from by drafting. The franchise has been rumored to be moving to Los Angeles and has the worst attendance in the league. If Manziel was selected, that could quickly change.

FINAL VERDICT: This franchise needs a “shot in the arm” more than anyone, and the current front office might only have one more chance to make it work. Manziel is a dynamic player who will immediately sell jerseys and get people in the stadium for games. That, above all, is what the Jaguars need right now: a game-changer.

The NFL Draft is full of twists and turns, and nothing is guaranteed. Just because I think this would be a smart way for the first three picks to be used does not mean there are not bigger and better ways for these teams to use their assets. No matter what, the event will be entertaining and stressful for anyone who has a rooting interest in any club.

The Lifestyle of An Alabamian

By Darrell Puckett


The assumed expectations of some fans towards a certain college program or professional team sometimes seem too much.  Growing up both an Auburn and Louisville fan, there were instances where I observed obsessive behavior from other fans at games.  These fans were at times misguided it appeared.  They seemed consumed with something other than enjoying watching their team play.  They seemed consumed with winning.

I often find myself asking one question consistently.  Is winning the only thing that matters?  Of course, being young and ignorant I didn’t understand the winning tradition for athletics.  Becoming a fan was more than giving my allegiance for this or that particular team.  It was a lifestyle.

The state of Alabama takes college football seriously.  Well, it takes any athletic competition between Auburn and Alabama seriously.  The athletic culture down South differs from any other in our country.  The culture resembles a consistent life style that’s passed on from each generation.  One question is assembled and asked to every child when they’re capable of comprehension.  Roll Tide or War Eagle?  The answer to this question will instantly impact that person’s life until death.  It’s a life style.

Making the decision to become an Auburn fan dictated my relationship with family, friends, classmates, and acquaintances instantly.  The first question asked by people in Alabama is who do you root for?  How crazy is that?  I’ve always heard that if you’re not from here, then it’s impossible to understand.  There’s truth to that statement, just watch an Auburn and Alabama game.

Individuals who refuse to chose a side are instantly considered an outcast and not from Alabama.  To be honest, I wouldn’t trade growing up in this state for anything.  It taught me how to deal with both sides of fans, the overly excessive and plausible types.  First off, both sides have these two types.  The amount of times a day I hear each fan base make claims arguing who’s classier or are better educated is uncountable.  Having thick skin is essential, and how you deal with an insult exemplifies your character around here.

Outsiders are easily seen by their jealous remarks when talking about the SEC dominance in recent years. If you can’t name how many National Championships the University of Alabama have or the amount Auburn claims, then don’t open your mouth.  Fans around here only acknowledge statistics, Heisman Trophies, and National Championships.  People who criticize this mind set are considered ignorant and incompetent among locals.

I’m proud to be a part of something so chaotic, absurd, compulsive, and ridiculed called Alabama sports.  Yes, we love our athletics, but remember it’s a lifestyle.

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Top Five Sports to Watch Heading Into the Summer


By Chad Underwood

With football out of season, most will assume that we will have to wait until August to see anything meaningful when it comes to the world of sports. Truth is, this may be the best time for sports of the entire year. So much is happening this summer that it is making me sad that I have to get a job and become an adult. Below are the Top Five Sports events heading into what should be an amazing summer.


This is, without a doubt, the premier sports event of the summer. The World Cup is just that, a global tournament for the sport of soccer that is seen by billions of people.  In the United States, many die-hard and even casual fans remember Landon Donavan’s stoppage time heroics at the 2010 World Cup vs. Algeria. The United States will face a much tougher task this time around, playing in a group that features soccer world powers Portugal and Germany, along with a Ghana team that has given the US lots of trouble in the last two World Cups.  No matter what happens to the United States men’s national team, this is a tournament that holds a lot of importance globally and one I will definitely be watching.


(Warning, this is the most biased opinion anyone could ever have. The sport of hockey means everything to me. Just thought I would make that clear).

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are for me the best part of the summer months. As we are already through the first round and into the second, the competition and matchups only continue to get better as we inch closer to the Stanley Cup Final. Hockey is a sport you have to give a chance in person at least once. Nashville is the closest NHL team to Montgomery, but the Columbus Cottonmouths of the Southern Professional Hockey League are only about 90 minutes away in Georgia. The playoffs will last until around mid-June, so all you suffering football fans hop on the bandwagon now!


To kick off the Summer break from May 8-10 is quite possibly the sports-nerdiest thing of all time. The draft always used to fall during finals week (which was complete and utter torture), but now it has been pushed to the next week, and I will get to watch hours and hours of coverage. At times, it is not the most entertaining event, but a very important one that shapes the foundation for the future of the National Football League. The first round is must-see television.


I am far from an NBA expert, but the playoffs are always a fun time to watch and learn about the sport. There are many interesting storylines that have already surfaced in the first round of the playoffs, but mainly one about Miami Heat forward Lebron James’ alleged stare before a dunk at basketball legend/owner of Charlotte Bobcats Michael Jordan. Lebron is playing with an edge to his game I have not seen since his days in Cleveland. I love the confidence he brings to the floor and his teammates. Hopefully, we get to see an NBA Finals that features him and the Miami Heat once again.


I always pick baseball up in the summer months because the season is so long. It is impossible for me to watch 162 games and still maintain anything that resembles a normal life. So around mid-July, typically after the All-Star break, I really start to pay attention. Is it the best option in May and June? No. But, is it always on to cure one’s sports fix? Yes.

10 Essential Record Store Day Releases



By Jessica Klinner

Record Store Day has finally arrived. For vinyl lovers, RSD is the equivalent to Christmas Day. Every year artists and bands release special edition albums and singles specifically for Record Store Day. Thanks to Rad Vinyl Records and More, Montgomery now has a resident record store to help local vinyl enthusiasts take full advantage of Record Store Day without having to travel to another city. Take a look at 10 Record Store Day releases that I think are worth checking out this year.

 1. Fun.- Point and Light (10-inch on rainbow splatter vinyl)

The 10-inch rainbow splattered vinyl pressing of Point and Light is a necessity for any Fun fan. It features unreleased demos from their first album, Aim and Ignite. It’s always interesting to hear demos of songs to see how they developed into the album versions. If you’re a fan of Fun, you will not be disappointed by this special release.

 2. Paramore- “Ain’t It Fun”

Paramore’s most recent single, “Ain’t It Fun,” is slowly taking over the airwaves. The special Record Store Day 12-inch vinyl release appears to be a broken record because of the half black and half clear design. Lead singer Hayley Williams designed the unique looking vinyl herself. If you’re familiar with the music video for “Ain’t It Fun,” the broken record design will come as no surprise.

3. Green Day- Demolicious

Demolicious is a collection of 18 demos recorded by Green Day in 2012 while they were recording their Green Day ¡Uno!, Green Day ¡Dos! and Green Day ¡Tres! album trilogy. The release will also include an unreleased track called “State of Shock” and an acoustic version of the song “Stay The Night” from Green Day ¡Uno!. The two-disc set will be available on CD, cassette and clear or red vinyl.

4. Nirvana- “Pennyroyal Tea”/ “I Hate Myself And I Want To Die”  

The 7-inch release features one of the standout songs from Nirvana’s 1993 album, In Utero. The track was supposed to include a grungy B-side called “I Hate Myself And I Want To Die,” but the original release was cancelled after lead singer Kurt Cobain’s death. This month marks the 20th anniversary of Cobain’s death, and this release is a great way to commemorate it.

5. Death Cab For Cutie ft. Magik*Magik Orchestra- Live 2012

This double LP documents Death Cab For Cutie’s 2012 tour with Magik*Magik Orchestra. With hits like “Transatlanticism” and “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” on the track list, it will make you feel like you’re experiencing the concert first hand. This release needs to be at the top of your list of Record Store Day purchases.

6. American Authors/The Mowglis- “In A Big Country”/”You Make My Dreams Come True”

This split 7-inch vinyl features breakout band American Authors and their friends in The Mowglis. The bands took two classic pop songs and put their own spin on them.  The two bands have spent a lot of time together this year on tour so releasing a split vinyl for Record Store Day was an appropriate and smart move.

7. The Ramones- Meltdown with the Ramones

Meltdown with the Ramones was released in 1980 in the U.K. as a promotional-only sampler. For this year’s Record Store Day, it is being released in the U.S. on navy vinyl. This record is essential for any punk rock or Ramones fan.

8. Hank Williams- The Garden Spot Programs 1950 EP

The Garden Spot Programs 1950 EP features previously unreleased performances from country icon, Hank Williams. The special Record Store Day release includes tracks like “Lovesick Blues” and “Mind Your Own Business” from a radio broadcast in the 1950s.  Since Williams was a native of Alabama, you should almost feel obligated to pick up this record.

9. Bastille- Of The Night EP

Bastille’s Of The Night EP, a 10-inch picture disc, features the title track, a live version of their song “Oblivion” from 2013’s Bad Blood and two remixes of “Of The Night.” The U.K. natives have made a name for themselves in the U.S. after the release of their debut album last year. It’s a shame this EP is limited to 2000 pressings because it is sure to be an incredible release.

10. Cage the Elephant- “Take It Or Leave It”/ “Jesse James”

Kentucky rockers Cage The Elephant are releasing a limited edition 7-inch vinyl for Record Store Day. This 7” will include the songs “Take It Or Leave It” and “Jesse James” from the Melophobia sessions. If you can get your hands on one of the 1500 copies being released for Record Store Day, consider yourself very lucky!