The CAB Comeback

By Serena Bush


Imagine an organization that is all about providing quality entertainment and programming while enhancing students’ college experience, all while maintaining a family bond within the group. Now, stop daydreaming because there is such a group! Campus Activities Board has been a part of AUM’s list of campus organizations for some time now but has recently come out of remission because of Jay Bradford, with help from Lakecia Harris, Director of Student Involvement and Leadership Programs.

Bradford is a senior at AUM and, although this is his third year with CAB, this is his first year as the director of CAB. The most significant change is Bradford’s novel approach to advertisement. Diversity is his main priority when it comes to reaching out to students and getting them involved.

Even though Bradford is dedicated to organizing events for all students to enjoy, it is not easy to satisfy every individual’s want. As a director, Bradford wears several different hats: he has to keep up the morale of his fellow members as a mentor, he has to keep constant communication to make sure events come together the way they should, and he must coordinate venues while maintaining the budget. There are times when Bradford and his counterparts may feel that they have put together a great event, but they are still met with some negativity. His response is to observe, listen and dissect negative feedback and bounce back with positivity.

In light of all the pressures that come with being a director, Bradford is satisfied with the events that CAB has brought to campus this semester. He has received positive feedback regarding the ‘90s party, AUMfest, and most recently the Harvest Moon Festival, all events he organized. Bradford sees CAB as being different from other organizations based on the abundance of positive energy put into planning events.

If you haven’t been to the any of the vents organized by CAB, be prepared for an upcoming great fashion show. If you are looking for a club to join, that is more like family, and want to have fun working with an interesting group of people with unique personalities, CAB is the place for you!





Taking Advantage of Wellness Classes

By Nikki Headley

The Auburn Montgomery Wellness Center has many exercise classes available to all AUM students and members. Many have been on the schedule for a long time, and there are some that are brand new. Each session has a specific goal, and you will feel energized and refreshed afterward.

The first type of class the Wellness Center offers is cardio. Some examples of these courses are Calorie Crush, Cycling 101, GRIND, Kickboxing 101, Spin, Spin Plus, Sunrise Cycle, Swap and Tabata. All of these will give your heart a great workout, and you will burn a ton of calories.

The next category is muscular strength and endurance.  These include Ab Blast, Butts/Guts and More, Lunch @ the Barre, Party Pump, and Warhawk Weights. These classes will build up your muscles, and will make you stronger. These are also great for your endurance.

Another type includes workouts that will help you improve your flexibility. These include Yoga, Slow Flow Yoga, Pilates, Dynamic Flow Yoga and Active Isolated Stretch. Not only will this help you enhance your wellbeing, but also it will connect your body with your inner self.

The final category is the dance and fitness sessions. These classes include AUM Jam, Cardio Hip Hop, Party Pump, Zumba and Zumba Toning. These calorie crunchers are fun and exciting, not to mention they will burn a lot of fat. If you love to dance, these are perfect for you.

So if you want to bring out your inner weight lifter, improve your endurance, better your flexibility or just burn some calories while having fun then the classes at the AUM Wellness Center should be perfect for you!

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Photo Courtesy of AUM Wellness Center website.





The Beginning of the Cheaney Era at AUM

coach cheaney


By Jacob Horton

For the first time in 37 years, the AUM men’s basketball program will be under the leadership of a new head coach when the season tips off Oct.31

The Athletic department named Michael Cheaney as the new head coach of the men’s basketball team back in May. Cheaney replaced longtime AUM coaching legend Larry Chapman.


Cheaney comes into his first year at AUM with over fifteen years of coaching experience at the NAIA level. He has also coached at Division I, II, and III colleges over the course of his career.


Cheaney spent the last four seasons as the head coach at Voorhees College in Denmark, S. C. During his tenure, Cheaney led Voorhees to a 72-55 record and a trip to the NAIA National Tournament.In his first season with the Tigers, Cheaney helped the team to 16 wins, which is more than tripled the total from the year before. He followed with a 22-9 mark in his second season and helped the team to its first national ranking in more than 10 years. In his third year, the coach guided Voorhees to a 23-12 record, won the Association of Independent Institutions Conference Tournament and made an appearance in the NAIA National Tournament.Cheaney credits the winning record of AUM athletics as one of the driving forces behind his decision to coach here. He’s looking to add to that success as well.


“I know some people around here are considering us to be rebuilding,” Cheaney said in a recent interview. “I don’t like rebuilding; I like to win. The reason why I came to AUM is that the tradition of winning has always been here, from baseball to soccer, to tennis. I really would like to raise the bar up a little bit and get our guys to reach expectations this year that people think that they couldn’t get to.”


This men’s basketball team is coming off of a year in which it finished an overall record of 9-18. Coach Cheaney, however, believes the Warhawks can compete at a championship level this season.


“It depends on guys staying healthy, and at the same time, how quick they can adapt to the new system,” Cheaney said. “That is going to be the biggest transition. I believe we have pretty good people at every position.”


Where Cheaney hopes he can get the most attribution from this season are his forwards and centers. He feels as though they will be one of their main strengths and the key to winning conference matchups.


“We’re counting on Reggie Brown and Roderick (Robinson), two post guys,” Cheaney said. “They should be our power for us inside because they can change positions, play inside and outside…Conference-wise you’re going to see a lot of big guys that can do that.”


Along with the pressures of putting together a successful season, having to do so while replacing an AUM legend will be no easy task. Coach Cheaney is well aware of that pressure, and hopes to use it as motivation to help carry on Coach Chapman’s legacy.


“(Coach Chapman) tells me all the time that there’s no pressure on me,” Cheaney said. “I probably have put some pressure on myself just because I know it can be done. At the same time, the old coach is sitting around watching practice, probably will be at the games…I want to try and motivate the guys, especially the seniors. Even though I didn’t recruit you, it still would be good for us to go out on top your senior year. It would be another accolade for coach Chapman, and it would also bridge that gap from the old to the new generation.”


The 2014-15 season looks to be promising for the Warhawks under the tutelage of Coach Cheaney. Their season tips off on Oct. 31 when they face Concordia College in the annual Jimmy Faulkner Classic held at Faulkner University. Their first home contest takes place on Nov. 11, when they square off against Selma University.


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Photo Courtesy of AUM Athletics

Previewing the 2014 MLB World Series

By Jacob Horton

Previewing the 2014 MLB World Series

It’s finally here. After five and a half months of Major League Baseball, the 2014 MLB World Series is officially among us. Everything that has been worked for over the course of the grueling 162-game MLB schedule comes down to this best-of-seven series.


This year’s series looks to promise excitement and lots of late-inning drama, as the Kansas City Royals are matched up against the San Francisco Giants. Both teams seem to have that “it” factor that can carry them to a world championship.


For Kansas City, the 2014 season marked the first time since 1985 that the organization qualified for postseason play. They’ve had no problem knocking off the cobwebs, however, as they have yet to lose a game this postseason.


That’s right. In eight postseason games thus far, the Kansas City Royals boast a perfect record of 8-0. Don’t let that fool you, however: it has been far from a cakewalk for the Royals. Despite their perfect record, the battle-tested Kansas City Royals have won just about every postseason game they’ve played in in dramatic fashion.


In the AL Wild Card Game, it took a 12th inning rally to come from behind and defeat the Oakland Athletics. In their three game sweep of the Los Angeles Angels in the divisional series, two of those victories took 11 innings to decide a winner. All four of their victories in the American League Championship Series were decided by two runs or fewer. This proves that the road to the fall classic has been no easy ride for Kansas City.

As for their counterpart, the San Francisco Giants looked just as primed and ready as Kansas City. They have also looked impressive this postseason and have a 2014 playoff résumé almost identical to Kansas City.


Their postseason run began with a wild card game victory over the Pittsburg Pirates. In the NLDS, they defeated the Washington Nationals three games to one. Each win recorded by the Giants in this series was only decided by one run. In the NLCS, they knocked off a very talented Cardinal team plagued by key injuries in just five games. Nevertheless, the Cardinals have just as much of a chance of winning it all as their opponent does.


Need I remind everybody that the San Francisco Giants have won two out of the last three World Series? Here we are in another postseason, and the chance for a Giants’ World Series Championship is yet again hanging in the balance.


As far as the outcome of this series goes, one could make an argument for either team. Kansas City is coming into this series red-hot, but one could say that they have not faced a team as elite as San Francisco. Nobody in all of baseball is as good at manufacturing runs as Kansas City, while San Francisco’s timely hitting has gotten them to where they are now.


Let’s give credit where it’s due here: what Kansas City has done this postseason is simply magical. As impressive as their current winning streak is, they are more likely to lose a game in this series. This San Francisco team isn’t going to lie down for them just because they are flirting with history. At the end of the day though, I see Kansas City riding their tidal wave of momentum all the way to a World Series Championship in six games.


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State of Mississippi Emerging as a Football Powerhouse?

By Jacob Horton

By a show of hands, who predicted Ole Miss and Mississippi State would both be ranked in the top three spots in the AP poll by week seven? Well, here we are, and that is the scenario that we find ourselves in.


In a state that has been plagued by mediocre football for decades, the fans of Mississippi are waking up this morning sitting atop the throne of college football. The Rebels of Ole Miss University currently rank number three in the AP poll, while the Mississippi State Bulldogs hold down the number one spot. There hasn’t been this much hype in the state since the birth of Elvis Presley.


It wasn’t that long ago when a neighboring state ruled the ranks of college football, was it? From 2009 to 2012, the National Championship trophy resided in the facilities of an Alabama school.  Needless to say, both Alabama and Auburn are still among the best college football programs in the country, but with both schools suffering tough road losses these past two weeks in Mississippi, all signs are pointing to a possible national championship season from the Magnolia State.


This season also has extra incentive due to the fact that this is the inaugural season of the four-team playoff. People will remember the winner, the loser and the teams that got snubbed out of a chance to play in the first four team playoff.

When you’ve been bad at something for so long, people expect you to fail at any given point. This is the first time the Bulldogs have ever been ranked number one in any poll in college football history. It only took the Bulldogs five weeks to go from unranked to number one in the AP poll. The previous record was six weeks by Ohio State in 1954.


As for the Ole Miss Rebels, they have looked equally impressive in back-to-back wins against powerful SEC West opponents. They took down the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide, and dominated an inferior Texas A&M program that seems to be fizzling out as the season progresses. Both wins showcased how potent this team could be.


With that being said, all signs this year are pointing to an Egg Bowl of the century Come Nov. 29, which SEC West rivalry game will have more on the line regarding admission to the four-team playoff? Will the Iron Bowl serve as the “opening act” to the more important Egg Bowl? At the rate we’re going, the first round of the four-team playoff may as well be played at Vaught-Hemmingway Stadium on Nov. 29.


The question regarding both Mississippi schools is this: When will the “real” Mississippi State and Ole Miss teams show up? When will the former punching bag of the SEC West finally appear and give leeway to the superior football programs? From the looks of it, I’d say were going to be waiting for a while.


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AUM Men’s Soccer Team Looking to Build on Success

By Jacob Horton

The 2014 AUM men’s soccer team looks poised and ready to settle some unfinished business this season.After finishing as national runner-up in 2013, the Warhawks are hoping they can build on last year’s success.  According to head coach Wulf Koch, however, 2014 is a new season and this team is not dwelling on the past.


“It played some motivation coming into the season, but we are a new team this year,” Koch said regarding last season’s result. “Our goal is to continue to improve and take it one game at a time.”


2013 marked the fourth time in the program’s history that the Warhawk men’s soccer team finished as the national runner up.  After ending the regular season of 13-5, the Warhawks fought their way through the SSAC and NAIA national tournament. It was there that they fell one victory short of their national championship hopes to the Martin Methodist Redhawks.


The Warhawks have shown they are all in this season, posting an 8-2-1 record through 11 games thus far. Statistically, they are averaging over two points per game on 19 shots, while only allowing an average of one goal per game on just ten shots. The success of this team so far has earned it the number four overall ranking in the National NAIA rankings.


“I think we are deeper and more athletic than we were last year,” Coach Koch said. “We had some injuries that hurt our depth last season and now those guys are healthy and back playing. We also did a solid job of recruiting. I am really excited about the freshman class we brought in.”


This 2014 Warhawks team features ten freshman, three sophomores, nine juniors, and only one senior. That statement alone should give supporters of the men’s soccer team a lot to be excited about now and in the near future.


As for the present, the upcoming slate of games will determine if the Warhawks can keep building on this momentum and accomplish their goal of being crowned national champs.


“We need to continue to play well,” Coach Koch said. “Playing a complete season is the key. We are about to start conference play, and that will really show us where we are at. We just have to focus on the small goals of winning each game and the rest will take care of itself.”


In their latest contest on Saturday, the Warhawks took down conference foe Belhaven University 1-0. The win improved their conference record to 1-0-1. Their next game will be a key conference matchup at home against Brewton-Parker University on October 9. Kickoff is set for 3:30 pm. The season began in late August and they are about midway through the season.



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Commemorating “The Captain”

jeter article

By Jacob Horton

The day sports fans all over the country have been dreading has finally arrived. Derek Jeter, the face of the New York Yankees and Major League Baseball for 20 years, played in his final game Sunday at Fenway Park in Boston. Sunday’s final contest for Jeter capped off the end to one of the greatest careers in history.

The day sports fans all over the country have been dreading has finally arrived. Derek Jeter, the face of the New York Yankees and Major League Baseball for 20 years, played in his final game Sunday at Fenway Park in Boston. Sunday’s final contest for Jeter capped off the end to one of the greatest careers in history.

Derek Jeter served as an ambassador for the game of baseball, and nobody did it better in his time. In a world filled with star athletes that make more headlines off the field than on it, Derek Jeter flew under the radar like no other star athlete.

In a media-driven New York City, Derek Jeter never made headlines unless he knocked in the winning run the night before. Even if he made a spectacular game-saving catch that ESPN couldn’t stop replaying, you never heard a peep out of Jeter. This proves that regardless of where professional athletes play their sport, they can still live a life without being all over the tabloids.

Jeter’s loyalty to the New York Yankees organization is also what made him such a beloved figure. One would imagine that being loyal to an organization that puts together a new roster every other season would be tough. Jeter, however, served as the straw that stirred this organization year in and year out, regardless of who shared the eight other spots in the lineup with him.

On the field, Jeter never took a play off. He gave 110 percent in every at-bat, fielding and base running opportunity. This is something you don’t see anymore in the game of baseball. When Jeter put a ball into play, he ran as hard as he could down the first base line, regardless of where the ball was hit. Jeter was never an easy out. If you were going to get him out as a pitcher, you better have brought your best stuff with you.

The Captain’s career numbers speak for themselves. The lists of awards and accolades goes on and on: five World Series Championships, 14 all-star game selections, five Gold Glove Awards, five Silver Slugger Awards, two Hank Aaron Awards and a Roberto Clemente Award. Jeter also holds sixth place on the all-time career hits list with 3,465.

As a New York Yankee, Jeter holds career team records in hits, doubles, games played, stolen bases, times on base, plate appearances and at bats. In his five World Series championships, Jeter’s batting average was a staggering .353. No other Yankee, not Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Lou Gehrig or Joe DiMaggio, posted a batting average that high during their championship runs.

Although he’s gone from baseball, Jeter’s career highlights have brought us some of the most memorable moments in the game’s history. From his signature jump throw to his walk off home run in the 2001 World Series that earned him the nickname “Mr. November,” Jeter seemed to have a flare for the dramatic. We’re going to miss seeing The Captain suit up and play the game that he’s been the face of for his entire career.

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Ranking the SEC West


By Jacob Horton

Four weeks into the college football season, and we’ve got everything figured out, right? Or at least we like to think that we have. We already know what teams are bound for glory, and what teams are doomed for a subpar season. However, there is one particular division of one particular conference that we’re not really . We’re talking about, of course, the almighty western division of the Southeastern Conference.


The western division’s résumé really speaks for itself: five undefeated teams, four teams ranked nationally in the top ten, and six of the seven teams of the division ranked in the Top 18. Do I have also to mention that five of the last eight national championship winners belong to SEC West teams? No division of any other conference can even compete with the SEC West right now. With all of that being said, here are my week-Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up.


  1. Arkansas

Probably the easiest choice in making this entire list was putting Arkansas last in the division.  Nothing against the Razorbacks, who appear to be better than last year’s team which was unable to record a single victory in SEC play. They’re just in way over their heads right now. While they may look better than last year’s team, their tough schedule featuring top-tier SEC West opponents probably will not allow them very many wins this season.


  1. Mississippi State

This team looked exceptionally well for most of Saturday’s upset victory over LSU in Death Valley. Dak Prescott possesses the potential to be a Heisman dark horse this season, and, defensively, Mississippi State is also a very gifted team. However, they did play a young LSU team very early in the season, so I say let’s wait a few more weeks before we all start drinking the Mississippi State Kool-Aid.


  1. LSU

This LSU team has the potential to be really special this year and in the near future. Saturday’s loss to division foe Mississippi State was without question a setback. There’s still a chance for the Bayou Bengals though. The best kind of loss in college football is an early season loss, just like LSU’s case. If they can steer a clear path from here on out, which will be no easy task, they could still pose a threat in this division. If there is one thing I’ve learned from watching college football over the years, it’s that you can never count the mad hatter (Les Miles) out.


  1. Ole Miss

Here’s another team that is right on the fence of greatness for this season. Ultimately, it’s going to come down to whether or not quarterback Bo Wallace can consistently play at an elite level. He’s got the weapons around him to lead this team to an SEC championship. With several key matchups at home this season (Alabama, Auburn and Mississippi State), don’t be surprised if you find Ole Miss representing the SEC West during the championship game in December.


  1. Texas A&M

Ever since entering the SEC in 2012, Texas A&M has become one of the most exciting teams in the country to watch. They have arguably the best player in college football this season in Kenny Hill. Regardless of whom A&M plays this season, they are going to score points. If their defense can generate more stops this season, the Aggies will be making a trip to Atlanta come December, and possibly a trip to a first round playoff game in January. This is a very dangerous football team that will be taken seriously by every SEC opponent.


  1. Alabama

This Crimson Tide could be very well on its way to another national championship season. As with most teams in this conference, quarterback play will be the variable that’s going to determine to either the team’s success or demise. If the Blake Sims from this past Saturday can show up on a weekly basis, Alabama will not lose a game this season. Add that to a stable of skilled position players in TJ Yeldon, Derrick Henry and Biletnikoff award-hopeful Amari Cooper, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a very successful season.


  1. Auburn

This decision between Alabama and Auburn was almost a coin flip. But at the end of the day, the defending SEC West champions look a little bit better than their in-state rival. They successfully survived an ugly performance against Kansas State last Thursday, which very well may be their worst performance for the entire season. The consensus around the league is that this Auburn Tiger football team features a much better offensive unit than last season. With the addition of D’haquille Williams and a more experienced Sammie Coates, expect to see a better passing presence from the Tigers this season. If they can complement that with their explosive rushing attack, the Auburn Tigers have a considerable chance of fighting their way through their backbreaking SEC schedule.


Comments? Questions? Feel free to leave your input in the comment section below. Let us know what you think.


Falcons: Championship-Level Contenders?


By Jacob Horton

Could 2014 be a turnaround year for the Atlanta Falcons? As the NFL regular season kicked off last week, teams all over the league looked to start off their campaign towards the coveted Lombardi Trophy with a victory. Arguably no team in all of football was as ready to move on from last season as the Atlanta Falcons.

One could say that 2013 was a disappointing season coming off a year, in 2012, in which the team weas one game away from reaching the Super Bowl. After posting an abysmal regular season record of 4-12 in 2013, the Falcons arelooking to fulfill their championship potential in 2014.

It all started this offseason when the team brought in some big names via free agency and the NFL Draft. In the month of March,the Falcons made a big splash in the free agent market when they signed wide receiver Devin Hester.

Hester, a University of Miami alumnus, brings a new element of explosiveness to the Falcons roster. In his ninth NFL season, Hester is only one touchdown shy of breaking Deon Sanders record for most return touchdowns in NFL history with 19. During his tenure, Hester has returned 13 punts, five kickoffs, and one missed field goal for a touchdown. Look for the Falcons to utilize Hester’s abilities in a variety of ways this season.

 In April, the Falcons selected Texas A&M offensive tackle Jake Matthews with the sixth pick overall  in the draft. Matthews comes from a long bloodline of NFL talent, including his father, Hall of Famer Bruce Matthews, and cousin, Clay Matthews III, who plays linebacker for the Green Bay Packers. While at Texas A&M, Matthews served as the driving force behind an offensive line that was given the task of protecting Johnny Manziel. Defending a less mobile Matt Ryan should be no problem for Matthews.

Whether or not the Falcons can win on the road will bea huge factor in this season’s success. In recent years, tough games away from the Georgia Dome have given the Falcons the majority of their losses. It is almost as if they are a completely different team at home versus on the road. They face a tough slate of road games in the upcoming weeks against the Baltimore Ravens, the Green Bay Packers, division rivals Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints.

Ultimately, health will be the determining factor for the Falcons this season. Last season, the injury bug plagued the team like no other in the NFL. Steven Jackson, their starting running back and prized 2012 off season acquisition, saw limited action in six consecutive weeks in 2013 with a hamstring injury. Both Roddy White and Julio Jones, Atlanta’s top two receiving targets, missed significant amounts of playing time via the injury as well. With a restricted number of skill players, quarterback Matt Ryan couldn’t manage to lead his team to another postseason berth. If the Falcons can remain healthy this season, expect them to be right in the mix of things when the NFL regular season ends.

With a big win over the New Orleans Saints last week, the Falcons looked primed and ready for the 2014 NFL season. However, yesterday’s lackluster performance in Cincinnati against the Bengals showed that Atlanta is only going to be as good as its away-game performances this season. The Falcons have the fire power on offense to be a Super Bowl contender. If they can maximize their potential and put together a few key road victories, look for the Falcons to turn things around this season.

Fitness at its Finest

 By Nikki Headley

Exercising may seem like it’s just something to do in your spare time. Yet, being physically active is something that should be done every day. AUM Wellness Center has a lot to offer: a gym to lift weights, a pool and even a track. And fitness classes led by trained instructors with a passion for working out! I attended Vira Salzburn’s class, GRIND, and I saw just how on fire she is for exercising.

First, one reason why someone should attend GRIND is because it is a tough workout. After the warmup, your body is in a constant state of work. The class is one hour long, and you will do various cycles of exercise. Each class begins with a warmup to get your blood flowing and heart pumping. You will do each cycle twice, and normally there are about four in each round. GRIND then ends with a cool down. Salzburn will make sure that you work every muscle in your body. You will be drenched in sweat when you leave this class, but at least you will know that you got a good workout.

Ingrid Muniz on the left and Vira Salzburn on the right. This was taken right after GRIND.


Secondly, whenever you walk into Salzburn’s class, you automatically feel welcome. Salzbrun greets all of her clients with a warm smile and a peppy attitude. GRIND has many college age students that attend each week, so they can meet new people. When I asked Salzbrun about why she started teaching she said, “I like teaching because I know how it can change a person. I have changed, and I want to share that with others. It’s important that you’re healthy. It’s not about your looks, but how you feel. I feel like I’m giving back to the community. I was inspired by many of the AUM instructors, but one of the main ones was Ingrid Muniz.” Salzburn is a dedicated instructor, and she will help you get through the class with a smile.Salzburn is a great instructor with a love for exercise. If you want to attend a challenging class, go to GRIND. The class is offered on Mondays from 6:30 to 7:30.