I Forgot My Phone


Taking a step away from educational videos for a week, today’s video by charstarleneTV¬†is an eye-opening commentary on just how addicted society is to its smartphones. This video’s popularity took off a few weeks ago as people realized this is a realistic visualization of daily life.

I do not have a smartphone, but almost everyone around me does. It becomes difficult to have productive conversations in daily life.

What about you? Do you deal with other people’s addiction of smartphones? Perhaps you are a phone addict? Or maybe you don’t see this as a big problem at all. Let us know how you feel in the comment section below.


10 Theories About Time Travel

Picture 1

Take a ride on the weird side with these 10 theories about time travel from AllTime10s. These concepts are sure to get you thinking.


What about you? What is your opinion on time travel? Do you think time travel is possible, or just the ideas of people with way to much time on their hands? Tell us in the comments below.

35 Odd College Mascots


Auburn University at Montgomery’s official mascot name is the Warhawks. This is a fearsome name that is sure to alarm potential opponents. However, AUM’s mascot name was the Senators just a few short years ago. And while the threat of potential filibuster or heated congressional debate is always something to fear, an actual alarm for one’s well-being is not part of the equation.

Today’s YouTube Tuesday video by Mental Floss delivers 35 more college mascots that could be considered odd and unusual.

Can you think of any more colleges with unusual mascots? What was your favorite? Sound off in the comments.

Butter vs Margarine


The debate rages. Use butter, or use margarine?

This week we turn to AsapSCIENCE to compare the pros and cons of both, and to help us find acceptable substitutes.

What do you use? Are you a die-hard butter fan, or do you use a tub of margarine? Did you ever even know there was a difference? Sound off in the comments.


Crash Course


The smell of the new semester is in the air, and it’s time to hit the books. Or maybe, perhaps, the YouTube videos instead. Enter Crash Course, a fun YouTube series that follows along to the history and science curricula. You may find yourself becoming a history buff in days or a biology guru in weeks. This may give you a significant advantage in you classes. Who would of thought that YouTube could be such a valuable tool for learning.

Let The Fault in Our Stars author John Green take you through World History by starting here. Or you can go straight to the channel by clicking here.