AUMnibus November Release Party

On Wednesday, The AUMnibus celebrated the release on the November issue and the launch of the new website.

AUM students flooded Goodwyn Hall, receiving pizza as well as AUMnibus branded pens and notebooks.

Over 40 people liked the AUMnibus on Facebook Wednesday. If you haven’t already, like us on Facebook. We’ll be giving away prizes and goodies often over the next few weeks.

You can check out photos from the event in the gallery above.


Behind the Scenes

By Lisa Ranieri (Courtesy of the AUM COMM Club)

On Tuesday, I had an opportunity to stop by the AUM Theatre as they were preparing for a new production. I spoke with Sierra Strong, AUM student, and Professor Val Winkleman, director.

AUM student Sierra Strong creating a costume.

Strong is a junior at AUM majoring in biology. She likes to sew and wants to make costumes. When I spoke to her, she was working on a semester project where she was sewing a dress from a pattern. Because of her interest in the production of plays, she has declared theatre as her minor.

In earlier performances such as “Paternity Leave,” Strong was in charge of all the “quick changes”. That is when an actor quickly change outfits between scenes.

Another student I was able to talk to was Frank Thomas, who is in charge of Stage Design, as well as stagehands Amber Baldwin and Clifford Merritt.

Clifford Merritt running lighting and sound.
Clifford Merritt running lighting and sound.

Winkleman said, “Anyone can audition for plays, even if you have other majors.”

“No Exit,” AUM’s most recent production, premiered on Thursday Night and will run to Sunday, Nov. 17. For more information on Theatre AUM, visit their website here.

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[Edited by Kyle Edwards 11/8/13]

A Journey to College Ministry

Lisa Ranieri sits down with BCM's Lee Dymond to discuss what led him to campus ministry.
Lisa Ranieri sits down with BCM’s Lee Dymond to discuss what led him to campus ministry.

By Lisa Ranieri 

If you told Lee Dymond, AUM Baptist Campus Minister, 17 years ago that he was going to be a college campus minister, he would have never believed you.

Seventeen years ago, Lee was at a 16 month planning meeting at the church he was serving at. Dymond says during the meeting the Holy Spirit told him that he would not be at that position in 16 months.

A couple of months later his current boss called him and asked him about campus ministry. Lee said it “felt like it was the place to be.”

The mission of the BCM is to “evangelize and mobilize.” They aim to share the hope and love of Christ. Lee’s role is to “teach people how to have a full and satisfactory life though Christ.”

The BCM serves AUM by cooking out on the quad or picking up trash after a game. They do whatever is necessary to accomplish their mission by serving the AUM community.

On Monday night at 8 p.m. BCM puts on “Resonate,” a weekly worship service. On Wednesday and Thursday every week they have a $2 lunch. If you have never been, the first meal is free. Dymond encourages all AUM students to come to these events.

[Edited by Kyle Edwards 11/1/13]

Q & A With Darrell Puckett


We sat down to ask a few questions to the AUMnibus sportswriter Darrell Puckett.

– What’s your major?

My major is sports journalism with a minor in photography.

– What are you trying to accomplish at AUM?

I’m trying to accomplish the incredible. Not many people can make it through college and then actually get a successful job afterwards. I want to make people get excited when they see my article or sports blog.

– What are some of your career goals?

To write Auburn recruiting or bass fishing would be ideal, but other than that, I’d love to be a journalist/photographer for a sports website. Heck, I might even start my own sports website!

– What is your dream job?

I’d love to talk sports on the radio and be a professional journalist with inside perks. I guess my hero of sports talk would be Colin Cowheard. If I could accomplish anything like Cowheard did, then life would be great!

– What do you enjoy about writing sports for the AUMnibus?

I enjoy having my own weekly sports column. That’s something I’ve always wanted and it’s literally a dream come true at this level of my journalism career. I love writing SEC sports and fishing columns.

– Favorite Movie?

That’s a tough one, but I’d have to go with “Old School.” Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn do one incredible job!

– Favorite Food?

Unfortunately, it’s pizza. I kill myself every single week with cheap Little Czar’s pizzas!

– Favorite Sport?

My favorite sport would be baseball. It’s America’s pastime and the history is so rich. I’d like to argue with someone about the great history of baseball over any other sport! I grew up an avid Yankees and Reds fan, but love the Braves too.

– Do you have any advice for people just starting college?

Just breathe. Don’t try to graduate in your first few weeks of college and get frustrated with how difficult it really is. Also, remember that this experience will change your life and the direction you want it to go. Trust me on this one, I didn’t start out having my own sport’s column, it took a few years to establish myself. Live a little and laugh a lot are the keys to success while attending college your freshman year!

Q & A With Lisa Ranieri


“Q & A” is a segment that the AUMnibus will be featuring periodically so you can get to know the staff members of AUM better. We also plan to interview AUM students on campus as well. The format is simple: ask the student a series of questions. Sometimes the questions are relevant to the college experience, and sometimes they are completely random.

In a reversal of roles, we sat down with Lisa Ranieri, AUMnibus reporter, to get to know her a little better.

“This is cool!” said Lisa Ranieri, who is typically the one who interviews people for Feature Friday.

– What is your major?

I’m a journalism major with a minor in business administration.

-What are you trying to accomplish at AUM?

I’m trying to make college the best that it can truly be. I, not only, want to get the best education from AUM, but I also want to have fun. Another thing that I’m trying to accomplish is beginning the Communication Club with a friend of mine. This club has me pretty excited for what our department has held for the future of news for AUM.

– What is your dream job?

My dream job is to make it to USA Today, FOX or CNN as a reporter or news anchor. Some goals I have are: to keep myself focused in journalism by contributing to the school newspaper, get an internship with WSFA and meet influential people to help me reach my dream career.

Lisa Ranieri with AUM program director Joel Hughes,
Lisa Ranieri with AUM program director Joel Hughes,

– What are some of your roles on the AUMnibus staff?

My role on the AUMnibus staff is to write articles and interview people. I have the privilege to be a reporter for the AUMnibus.

– What is your favorite movie?

One of my favorite movies is “Fireproof.”

– What is your favorite book?

I don’t have a favorite book, per se, but my favorite author is Nicholas Sparks.

– What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is Mediterranean food. Any and all kinds.

– Do you have any advice for people just starting college?

My advice is to branch out and get out of your comfort zone. Join clubs and organizations. Be Greek. This not only helps you grow but you meet so many people who will either be your friends or future employers.

[ Edited by Kyle Edwards - 10/4/13]

Making an Impression at AUM’s Career Fair

By Lisa Ranieri


AUM’s Career Development Center hosted its Career Job Fair in the Taylor Center on Thursday where 27 employers attended.

Even Curtiss, AUM's mascot, is interested in career choices.
Even Curtiss, AUM’s mascot, is interested in career choices.

For some AUM students, it’s almost time to graduate and find a job to begin a career. Others are scoping out a future job and networking with future employers.

Within the first 30 minutes of the career fair opening to students, there were 100 to 115 students talking and networking with these companies. This shows that students are thinking about their career and are taking charge. As students, we want to meet our “dream jobs” or continue to have opportunities that help us reach our goals not only for our college career but for our future.

Keith Cullen, Associate Director of the Career Development Center, says, “Relationships you build between candidates and employers is how you find a job … The real key is to building rapport. The Career Fair is how you can do that.” He explains that the “job market is still depressed and students have to work harder, longer, and faster … It’s not an employer’s market but a job seekers market.”

20130926_105610I spoke with two professionals about what they are looking for from AUM students.

Tom Case, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), was at the Career Fair and is looking for quality candidates. There are many Business students that are graduating this upcoming spring of 2014 that the FDIC is looking for. He assured me working at the FDIC is a “stable work environment.”

Montgomery Police Department (MPD) was there as well. They are always accepting applications. A range of students, from freshmen beginning college to seniors about to graduate, can always apply. Corporal Fike, MPD officer, stated “It’s a never ending cycle. People retire … there are always open applications.”

Job Hunting with Keith Cullen

By Lisa Ranieri


The AUMnibus sits down with Keith Cullen to discuss what’s going on with the Career Development Center.

Have you thought to yourself, “I really need a job or an internship, but I don’t know where to look”? Keith Cullen, Associate Director of the Career Development Center, tells us all about how to get ready for future job searching and how to make a resume.

Most of you have seen on your MyAUM page the WarHawk Jobs icon. This is the main database where you can find jobs both on and off campus. This is not only an access point for employers but also a site where you can upload your resume and have it available for the employers that are looking for you.

Not sure if your resume is in good shape? Do you want someone to take a look at it? Stop by the Career Development Center on the third floor of Taylor Center. They will help you fix any mistakes or make it look more appropriate for whatever job you are applying for.

There are new events happening with the CDC. For most of you who have a Facebook, they have a Facebook page, AUM Career Development Center. Instead of getting numerous emails of job opportunities you can get notifications on who is going to be at the next job fair, funny career pictures, and different ways to learn about job opportunities.

The Career Development Center has many job fairs but sometimes life gets in the way and students cannot make them. Starting Friday, September 6 they will be hosting career webinars for students. This is a great way to be informed of any opportunities that will happen and to learn more about a specific topic being discussed.

Be sure to stay informed with job opportunities with AUM Career Development Center’s Facebook page and stop by and see them on the third floor of Taylor Center for any questions!

From Auburn University to Warhawk Nation

By Lisa Raineri

We sat down with Auburn University at Montgomery’s own Joel Hughes to discuss his journey to AUM, as well as campus activities and events.

Meet Joel Hughes, Associate Director of Orientation at AUM.

The first two years of his college experience he played football at a community college. Afterwards, he decided to move back home to Auburn and transfer to Auburn University.

While at Auburn, he received his undergraduate degree in Communications in 2005. He was the head cheerleader his junior and senior year of his undergraduate career.  Joel also participated in Student Government Association.

After completing his undergraduate degree, he went to the University of Southern Mississippi to obtain his Master’s degree. He completed it in 2010. While at Southern Mississippi, he was in charge of Policies and Procedures. His duties included overseeing religious activities, curriculum guidelines, Greek life, honors society, and special interests organizations such as SGA.

Joel became a part of the AUM family in 2011. He and his wife wanted to be closer to home and they were both ready for the next challenge life was presenting them. Joel recently began working on his Doctorate’s degree.

Interview with Stacey Little

By Lisa Ranieri



We sat down with Stacey Little of Southern Bite fame to ask about his work with the AUMnibus and his current success. Article to follow.

Have you ever wanted to cook something so delicious but remembered you’re on a college budget or you are busy with life? Stacey Little, author of The Southern Bite cookbook, could help you with that. His book will be in stores and on all electronic reading platforms on March 11, 2014.

He began his career at Auburn Montgomery as a Communications major and was the managing editor for the AUMnibus. After attending college for two or three years, he wrote restaurant reviews for the Montgomery Advertiser.

When that chapter closed, he began reviewing restaurants on his own personal blog, as well as posting recipes. After his blog received recognition form the Montgomery community, publisher Thomas Nelson approached him to write a cookbook. Little said, “I didn’t expect it to happen, it kinda happened on its own.”

The cookbook is designed to bring families back to the kitchen table for family dinner. You can find any of his recipes on Facebook or Pinterest when you search Southern Bite. Two of Little’s favorite slow cooker recipes are “Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings” and “Beef Stew“.

You can view the Southern Bite blog here, and check out the Southern Bite Facebook.