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A Review of Theatre AUM’s “Woyzeck”

This production comes from the mind of the director Val Winkelman, professor of theater at AUM. Her style in this production takes a deeply scarred character and adds whimsical illusions that cast a broken, steely light onto the strange scene. Each night’s order was determined by the audience. What should’ve

Theatre AUM Now Showing “Woyzeck”

Theatre AUM is currently showing a play by Georg Buchner, entitled "Woyzeck" The play centers on a poor man struggling with external and internal forces. The title character is plagued by poverty, jealousy, apocalyptic day dreams, and bouts of intense anger. Through traumatic scenes of betrayal and murder, the characters

AUM Actor Spotlight: Olivia Crutchfield

Theatre AUM's humble projection onto campus life hides the eclectic and imaginative soul of its participants. To fully immerse oneself into any form of art, takes courage, originality, and talent that only few have. I interviewed communication student and budding actress, Olivia Crutchfield, and asked her what her journey has brought

Woyzeck: Theatre AUM’s Twist on Tradgegy

I spoke with Kodi Robertson about Theater AUM’s upcoming production of Georg Buchner’s tragic story about the heavy effects of war and military life on a man. This unique rendition comes from the mind of director Val Winkelman, who is also a professor in the communication department. Robertson and I

Richard Herd Gets Real With AUM Students

During his AUM Lecture Series address, famous actor Richard Herd shared many words of wisdom with students preparing to enter the workforce. “You can’t have anything unless you work your ass off for it," said Herd, who is best known for his portrayal of Mr. Wilhelm in “Seinfeld” and Adm. Owen