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The Fitzgerald Museum to Host Annual Gala

On May 6, The Fitzgerald Museum will host its 23rd annual gala and silent auction. This is a video about the event, featuring an interview with museum director Sara Powell. It was created by Rachel Wallace. For ticket information, please visit the Museum's website.

Richard Herd Gets Real With AUM Students

During his AUM Lecture Series address, famous actor Richard Herd shared many words of wisdom with students preparing to enter the workforce. “You can’t have anything unless you work your ass off for it," said Herd, who is best known for his portrayal of Mr. Wilhelm in “Seinfeld” and Adm. Owen

“The 39 Steps” (Cloverdale Playhouse): Review

“Have you ever heard of the thirty-nine steps?” Anabella said. “What’s that? A pub?” Hannay said. If like Hannay you think “The 39 Steps” is a pub, then, you obviously missed the delightful tale of murder, espionage and comedy that played at Montgomery’s Cloverdale Playhouse in February. As a first-time audience

AUM’s Photography Program

This is a video about AUM's photography program, featuring an interview with professor William Fenn. It was created by Dasa Rosca and Nick Manoliu. More information about the program can be found at AUM Photography's website.

Preview of Theatre AUM’s “Coupler”

This is a promotional video for Theatre AUM’s “Coupler,” featuring an interview with director Neil David Seibel. It was created by Deanna Chavez, Hilary Gamble, Nicolette Parrish and Rachel Wallace. Showtimes and ticket pricing information can be found at Theatre AUM’s website.

The Man Who Masters Film and Fashion

Tom Ford is a world-renowned fashion designer who makes beautiful clothing that dresses the actors, actresses, singers and other notable people we see in the media. His art for designing fashion trends is not his only gift. Over the years, Ford has added film directing and screenwriting to his list

Movies You Need to Watch This Month

November means blockbuster month at the movies. It’s that time of the year when people get together to see the newest film in major series. This November those happen to be “Doctor Strange” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” 1961