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AUM Cheerleaders to Participate in First Exhibition


Probably the least talked about sports team on campus is the AUM Cheerleading Squad. The squad consists of 11 girls who have a passion for cheering. Coached by Michelle Crompton, their leader is wanting to expand and make the program bigger.

On March 7, the squad members will be heading over to the Cramton Bowl Complex in Montgomery to show a routine they have been preparing. Cheerleading squads from across the Southern States Athletic Conference will come and show their skills on this day. This is formally called the SSAC Cheerleading Exhibition.

This is the first time the AUM Cheerleaders have ever been in this kind of performance. They are looking to expand and become more competitive instead of your typical sideline squad. Beginning next year, the squad will start going to cheer camps and competing. “It will be a new experience for us, and I am confident it will be a positive one,” Crompton said.

The AUM squad will perform a two and a half minute routine, which they also performed at Homecoming on Feb. 28, that will include stunting, tumbling, cheer and dance.

The exhibition will be free for visitors interested and will be held from 12-1 p.m. “Everyone should come out and support the cheerleaders as they are trying something new, and are looking to expand,” Crompton says.

There are no standard requirements for the exhibition, besides the cheerleading by-laws that come along with the SSAC. Beginning next year, the conference is looking to actually making this a real competition.

By Haley Cotter

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Crompton



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