SGA Elections: A Look at the Three Candidates


By Caleb Conner

[Please note that the AUMnibus has two staff members running for positions. Sethany Hagel is running for president, and Caleb Conner, the writer of this article, is running for a senate seat.]

This Tuesday, March 25 at 9:00 a.m. until Wednesday, March 26 at 9 a.m. the Student Government Associations is holding elections. While there are different positions that are obtainable such as vice-president, secretary, chief of justice, and senate seats, the highest and highly coveted position is the SGA President. The three candidates are Sethany Hagel, Marie Reuter, and Jay Bradford. Each candidate was asked to respond to the following question: if elected what is your vision and goals as AUM’s SGA President?

Marie Reuter is currently serving on the SGA as a cabinet member. Her vision is simple. She wants to promote a more reflective representation for all AUM students and everything that is going on within the SGA so people will know what is happening with the organization.  Reuter said, “I’m putting the U in AUM,” meaning she wants to get the focus on all students. Some goals she has listed is extending hours of operation for the library during finals, providing a Warhawk Access keychain option and creating additional senate seats for non-traditional students.

Another candidate for SGA President is Jay Bradford. He is also the current SGA Treasurer. His vision for President is to provide a “new AUM experience”. He wants to focus on improving campus activities, creating initiatives to improve campus communications, and strengthening and creating campus traditions. Bradford’s goals are the restructuring of the SGA, rebranding SGA by offering a monthly SGA event for the entire campus and improving accountability of SGA elected officials so students know what they are doing.

Sethany Hagel, the final candidate, currently serves on the SGA as a Senator for the School of Education. She is also a staff member of the AUMnibus. Hagel’s vision is to have what is ethically best for AUM. Her goals are to restore ethics to SGA, as well as to serve the student body and faculty to the best of her ability.

We have three diverse candidates running for President that want to make positive changes to our Student Government Association and Auburn University at Montgomery. Your participation is needed – so vote!  You can cast your vote for one of these candidates and others on your My AUM account.



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