Midterm Madness


By Nikki Headley

It’s that time of the semester again. All of your teachers are piling work up to your ears. Part of you is wondering if it will ever stop and the other part is wondering if you will have enough time to do all of your work. Your stress levels feel like they have reached maximum capacity. How do you deal with the perils that midterms can bring us? How will you get through it?

First you must study or you will do badly. It is pretty tempting to come home after a long day at school, work, or both to eat dinner and go straight to sleep. You should probably look over a few things before you go to bed. But don’t stay up all night studying. Your brain needs to rest and process all of the things you have been studying for.

Next, don’t put off your studying until the night before the test. Give yourself more than a few hours to study. Having a cram session normally hurts you more than it helps you. Dedicate a day to studying. It can be hard to do but it will pay off in the end. You will walk out with a good grade if you study.

You need to remember to pay attention in class and don’t forget to attend as well. Believe it or not, test material is normally in the teacher’s notes or lectures. So instead of skipping class to stay at home to play video games you should probably wait until after class. Remember to keep focused. What’s the point of going if you don’t pay attention? So stop listening to what the people are saying behind you and focus.

Remember that time is of the essence. You have been making plans with your friends every day this week and you have been putting off looking over your history notes. Suddenly it’s the night before the test and you realize that you forgot all about it. How you spend your time in college is an important part of how well you will do in your classes. It’s easy to put off your studying until the last minute but it won’t be so easy when the test is sitting in front of you. Be wise with your time.

Finally, remember that Spring Break is coming up fast. After all of that stressing over midterms you get a whole week to do whatever you want. Some of you may be going to the beach, visiting family, working, or just spending time at home. Remember to enjoy your break when it does get here. Also, check out our list of 10 vacation spots within six hours of Montgomery.

Studying, not procrastinating, paying attention, being in class, using your time for the important things first and looking forward to some time off will make you prepared for your midterms. Be confident in yourself and you will do great things. Now go study before it’s too late.

Auburn’s Future is Bright with Marshall

By Darrell Puckett


After the most memorable Auburn football season recorded, there’s one question that lingers.  Does Nick Marshall deserve to start next season under Coach Gus Malzahn?  A lot of naysayers say that Marshall will be trumped by sophomore quarterback Jeremy Johnson without question this spring.   Not only do I think Marshall will start, but his ability to be multi-dimensional should shock many haters.

Marshall completed 142 passes out of 239, threw for 1,976 yards with 14 touchdowns and six interceptions.   His passer rating totaled 143.2 and total quarterback rating was 71.0.  Understanding that his role wasn’t necessarily to pass every down is key.  Marshall totaled 12 rushing touchdowns, while hauling in 1,068 yards on the ground.  The multi-threat that he brought to this team is remarkable and a constant fear for opposing defenses.

A few reasons why Marshall will undergo significant improvements deal with the upgrading of positions.  Yes, Auburn lost Tre Mason who was spectacular all season long, but that’s not a huge deal.  I understand that beloved fans think Mason is a top three back in AU history, but Coach Malzahn has big surprises in store.

The biggest upgraded position is AU’s receiving group coming in.  Duke Williams stood out to be Rivals only 5-star JUCO recruit, and is talked about as the next Calvin Johnson.  Of course, the Tigers bring back Sammie Coates who dominated with deep receptions all season.  Coates physicality was clearly seen by his performance against Texas A&M.  Also, sophomore Marcus Davis stepped up and show cased his skills through the seams against defenses.

With more options on the WR end, why wouldn’t Marshall flourish this ’14 season?  People want to see Mr. Football of Alabama, Jeremy Johnson for obvious reasons.  Johnson’s build resembles Cam Newton’s. That’s without question.  Tiger fans are also ecstatic of Rivals ’13 QB signee Shaun White, which brings the question of when is he going to play?  There’s no right answer about Johnson and Whites future, other than they’re very talented players with loads of capability.

My view on this matter is that Marshall starts and shines during his senior campaign, while Johnson and White both mature.  Auburn hasn’t had this much talent at quarterback before, and the future looks brighter than ever.  Look for the Tigers to have a very productive and interesting spring.

[Photo Credit: ESPN]

10 Vacation Spots Within 6 Hours of Montgomery

By Jessica Klinner


Spring break is only a few weeks away, and it’s time to figure out how you’ll be spending your week long vacation! While there may not be a lot going on in the city of Montgomery during the break, there are several vacation destinations within a six hour drive of Montgomery that are sure to be a great getaway.

 1. Destin, Fla.

Travel time: 3 hr. 50 min.

Why visit? This beach trip destination is sure to be a perfect choice for a group of friends or family. Instead of sitting on the beach for the day, rent a boat and cruise over to Crab Island. This popular sandbar even has floating food vendors, inflatable slides and trampolines to make the experience more enjoyable. To recover from a day of partying and fun, visit Destin Commons for an evening of shopping or a movie at the IMAX theatre. Another fun attraction to check out in Destin is The Track, a family fun center with a huge go-cart track, arcade and mini golf course.

2. New Orleans, La.

Travel time: 5 hr. 5 min.

Why visit? New Orleans is a classic southern city filled with many historical sites and fun attractions. During the day, explore the French Quarter or take a tour of the many historic houses, plantations and cemeteries in the city. At night, take a walk down Bourbon Street or slip into a cozy jazz bar. Before leaving, you have to stop for beignets and coffee at the world famous Café Du Monde.

3. Nashville, Tenn.

Travel time: 4 hr. 46 min.

Why visit? It’s the home of country music! Walk into a bar on Broadway at any given time during the day and you’ll find a band or solo act performing. The city is alive with music at all times of the day. Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame to see how the genre got started and where it stands today. Buy a ticket to the Grand Ole Opry or Ryman Auditorium, and enjoy a night in a historic venue listening to great music. Whether you consider yourself a country music fan or not, Nashville is a great city to visit.

4. Atlanta, Ga.

Travel time: 2 hr. 34 min.

Why visit? With the shortest travel time on the list, Atlanta is already a great place to spend your vacation. This city offers a variety of fun attractions including the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, Centennial Park and the CNN Center. Hit TV shows The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries film in and around the Atlanta area, and you can book a tour to see where the action of the shows takes place! After spending the day exploring various areas of the city, take in a nice concert at one of the many music venues.

5. Pensacola Beach, Fla.

Travel time: 3 hr. 9 min.

Why visit? Pensacola is not one of the most talked about beaches in Florida, but it is one of the most beautiful. The quiet, laid back atmosphere of the beaches in Pensacola makes it the perfect choice for a quick vacation. Since it is located on a small island, there is no need to drive anywhere because everything is within walking distance of most hotels and condos. Spend the day on the beach, and dance the night away at Bamboo Willie’s. If you’re not one for dancing or partying, enjoy a nice dinner at The Grand Marlin, and go for a moonlight stroll on the Portofino Boardwalk.

6. Panama City Beach, Fla.

Travel time: 3 hr. 41 min.

Why visit? When you think of spring break in Florida, Panama City is sure to be one of the first places that pops into your mind. In recent years, it has become the go-to beach spot for spring break activities. If you’re into the party scene, the hot spot to check out is Club La Vela especially during spring break. After a few days of partying, wind down with a trip to Pier Park, an open-air mall with a great mix of local shops as well as name brand stores.

7. Gulf Shores, Ala.

Travel time: 3 hr. 38 min.

Why visit? There are so many fun attractions in Gulf Shores that it’s almost impossible to do all of them. Take a dolphin cruise. Try the zipline course at the Gulf State Park. Visit the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. If you’re more into catching rays than exploring the town, head down to the beach for a day of relaxation. For a nice evening, head down to The Wharf for dinner, shopping and if you’re lucky, maybe there will even be a concert at the amphitheater during your visit.

8. Biloxi, Miss.

Travel time: 3 hr. 52 min.

Why visit? While Biloxi is most commonly associated with its many casinos, the small Mississippi town is actually another historically rich destination. There are several museums worth visiting including the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art. The Biloxi lighthouse is a beautiful landmark on the gulf coast and a wonderful spot to take a picnic lunch and relax for a few hours. After a relaxing afternoon, take a chance and press your luck at one of Biloxi’s fine casinos. If gambling is not your style, buy tickets to a show at one of the hotels instead.

9. Savannah, Ga.

Travel time: 5 hr. 46 min.

Why visit? Savannah, Ga. has been called one of the most beautiful cities in the country and for a good reason. The architecture found in Savannah is beautiful and breathtaking. Take a stroll along the Riverfront Plaza, a nine-block stretch of shops, cafes and restaurants, and feed your southern appetite by dining at Paula Deen’s restaurant, The Lady and Sons.

10. Memphis, Tenn.

Travel time: 5 hr. 37 min.

Why visit? Memphis is a city rich with musical history. Elvis Presley resided here until his death and now his home of Graceland is a famous tourist attraction. While in the city, you must visit Beale Street, a location brimming over with cool clubs and fantastic restaurants. Not too far from Beale Street lies a small recording studio called Sun Studio where Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis recorded music. Another must see attraction in Memphis is the National Civil Rights Museum and Lorraine Motel. The museum displays the rich history of the Civil Rights Movement and features a tour of the Lorraine Motel, where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. took his final breath before being assassinated on the hotel balcony.

Pride and Pucks: Why You Should Care About Team USA’s Mission for Gold


By Chad Underwood

National pride is a weird concept when it comes to sports in the United States. Its inception feels artificial but so right in the moment. It is extremely rare when it occurs, when everyone in the country has rallied around a team just because it is made up of Americans. On Saturday morning around 9:30 a.m. Central Time, our country found that pride in the 2014 United States Men’s Hockey Team at the Sochi Olympics.

The storyline was familiar, one that dates back to a cold night at Lake Placid in February of 1980, where a team of young American college students competed against the Soviet Union’s professional players in the semifinals of Olympic hockey. That game, known as the “Miracle on Ice,” might just be the greatest sports moment in the history of our country. The Cold War was at its height and that hockey game, as silly as it may seem, meant everything that night. The United States won and went on to capture the gold medal.

Flash-forward to 2014: the Cold War is long gone and Soviets are now referred to as Russians. Team USA is still trying to recreate the magic of 1980, which is the last time it found the gold medal around their player’s necks. Russia is hosting the Olympics, and one medal matters the most to a hockey-obsessed nation. Now National Hockey League players are allowed to participate in the games, so the United States did not have to send their best collegiate talent to fight the mighty Russian professionals. Despite it being a preliminary matchup used to determine seeding for this week’s tournament, it had the feel of something bigger; the pace of the game from the beginning was unlike anything hockey fans had seen in these Olympics so far.

Back and forth the action went as thousands of Americans woke to their Twitter and Facebook news feeds, most likely confused as to why it was filled with hockey banter. The game had scoring from some of world’s greatest players, stellar goaltending on both sides, controversial calls and massive hits. Sixty-five minutes was not enough to decide the outcome, and like a fireworks show on the Fourth of July, the Americans and the Russians were set to put a grand finale on display in the form of a shootout. Eight rounds of the one-on-one battle proved to be enough for the Americans, as forward TJ Oshie scored four times, cementing his status as a legend of USA hockey in only his third game on the national team. Hollywood’s best screenwriters could not have written it better.

As an avid hockey fan, I had this game circled on the calendar as soon I found out we were in the same group as the Russians a few months ago. The “Miracle on Ice” happened eleven years before I was born, so naturally I am constantly pursuing an experience I could compare it to, something I would love to tell my kids about someday. Saturday morning might be as close as I’ve gotten to it so far.

I can say this from personal experience: hockey fans are stubborn. In the United States, we are outcasts. Our game is constantly labeled as a “niche sport.” It may seem ridiculous to refer to it as “we” or “us,” but that is how we feel. We are obsessive and possessive. When talking heads from other networks try to talk hockey because it just happens to be relevant this weekend, it is blasphemy. This is our sport.

That said, we welcome potential fans; any chance to introduce someone to the sport we hold most sacred is one we would attempt to capitalize on. My advice is to hop on this bandwagon now. Times like these for sports in our country do not come around very often and that pride, as brief as it will be, has meaning. Whether you lean to the left or the right or somewhere in between, we are all Americans, and this is something that rests in all of us and barely gets a chance to wake up and shout.

Starting on Wednesday, the United States will continue its quest for the gold medal in the elimination rounds of the tournament. On the other side of bracket is a Russian team trying to fight its way to another match with the USA, and if it happens again, it will be for a medal. Now that would be something I would like to tell my kids about someday.

[Photo credit: Washington Post]

Post Valentine’s Day Struggle


By Nikki Headley

You walk into to your house after a stressful day at Auburn Montgomery. You hear your bed calling your name but you know you have school work to do. Irritation begins to set in and you plop down on your couch to look for your syllabus. Suddenly a bright red heart shaped box catches your eye. Just a few wont hurt me right? You open the box and begin eating chocolate while you work on your assignment.

Valentine’s Day has just passed and many of you are struggling with this. Especially if you are a chocoholic and your significant other gave you a ton of the good stuff. How do we enjoy chocolate without overdoing it, feeling guilty, and then wondering if you should have celebrated Valentine’s Day at all? As you are staring at the box of chocolate that you just devoured, you are probably also wondering how you could have approached things differently.

The saying “out of sight, out of mind” can be useful when it comes to many things including Valentine’s Day chocolate. Try putting that large box of chocolate in a place that you won’t be able to see it. Try putting in it in a desk drawer. Put it somewhere that you normally don’t go to.  Not seeing your temptation can be helpful in the long run.

Freezers are your friends. Some people like their chocolate chilled. Put that box of candy in the freezer. You cant eat something that is frozen solid unless you want a chipped tooth.

Take a few pieces out and thaw them in the fridge. Now you can eat smaller amounts of the chocolate and it won’t be as bad for you. Your candy will also last longer. When you want to splurge it’s right there in your house for you to eat.

Finally, this may sound a bit rude but you could also give some of your candy away. The person that gave it to you doesn’t have to know, nor does the person you are giving it to. You can just eliminate the problem if you don’t have self-control. Just keep it to yourself so you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

Yes, you can enjoy your candy. Just do it in moderation and all will be well!

Healthy Changes Lead to a Healthy You

By Nikki Headley

Motivation is a hard thing to come by. Finding a reason to work out and eat right requires dedication, self-discipline and more importantly the reason behind doing it. What’s the point of getting up every day and killing yourself in the gym? What’s the point of not eating that cookie after lunch every day? Why not live your life in a manner that supposedly makes you happy? Plenty of people ask themselves these questions. Working out and eating right isn’t something you can just do. These actions become a rewarding lifestyle. Going to the gym three times a year does not count as working out on a regular basis. Do you want the motivation to change the way you take care of yourself physically and emotionally? Give some of these suggestions a once over. Try to think about them when you think about working out again.

Take your time. Living a healthier lifestyle is not something you can do overnight. You have to ease yourself into it. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your motivation. Start by simply adding vegetables to your diet and cutting back on the sodas. Try doing light exercise like a brisk walk or an aerobics class like Zumba. This is better than nothing. In time you will see results in not only your body but in your gym performance as well.

Make goals for yourself. Working out and eating right are hard to do if you don’t have goals. If you are trying to build muscle make what your lifting a bit heavier every few months. If you want to lose weight try changing up your diet and doing some cardio exercise. Some people just want to be in better shape so do both cardio exercise and muscle training. Goals lead to great things not to mention you feel so rewarded when you reach that goal.

Never give up. It’s so tempting to not go to the gym when you are busy with classes, work, and family. Despite having all of these responsibilities you need to make time for yourself. You need to be able to look in the mirror and be happy with yourself. Confidence is an extremely important attribute when it comes to living your life in the professional and day to day world. Be motivated to love your body and never depend on somebody’s love for your self-worth.

Reading these tips and actually doing them are two very different things. Start slow, make goals, and never ever give up on yourself. Small lifestyle changes can lead to bigger changes. Motivation isn’t an easy task but if you truly want to see a change in your health start with some of these tips. Your mind will take you farther than anything else. Stop saying I can’t and start saying I can.

National Signing Day

By Darrell Puckett


It’s sometimes funny to think of college football recruiting.  Are we as fans of a specific team going to let a kid that doesn’t attend our school ruin the day?  I’ve struggled with this thought of spending so much time delved into recruiting.  Does it take away from the enjoyment of everyday life, or add to it?  Many people love watching and analyzing their favorite team’s recruiting class, so what’s the big deal?

The most important concept is that of maturity.  Are you as a fan mature enough to avoid getting on social media and blast a specific recruit because he doesn’t attend your school?  National Signing Day has passed by a few days ago, and another stream of unorthodox fans has arisen.

Auburn High School  five-star linebacker Rashaan Evans fooled an entire fan base this NSD.  Of course, any recruit that plays at AHS will commit to Auburn no problem, right?  Not so fast.  I’ll be the first to admit that losing Evans was difficult to handle as a Tiger’s fan, but I’m not going to insult his decision.

Many AU fan’s resorted to Twitter and started to bash Evans, which really surprised me.  It’s just recruiting and people that are 60 years-old are Tweeting profanities at this kid.  The whole idea is childish and ridiculous.  Evan’s chose Alabama because of their schematic system for linebackers.  Auburn wanted him to play a ‘star’ position, which is a hybrid between a safety and linebacker.  AU lost out because their system isn’t Bama’s. That’s it.

The rivalry between Auburn and Alabama has seen their fair share of recruiting battles.  Most remember the T.J. Yeldon, Cyrus Kouandjio, Dee Liner, and Reuben Foster flips.  Auburn’s fan base has a lot to be upset about when it comes to losing recruits, but there’s no need for death threats.  Sports in general is suppose to be fun, not life threatening.

I’m not trying to call any specific fan base out, but stop and think before you act.  Social media is a great avenue for fans to keep up with recruits, but remember that they’re just kids.  Taking personal shots and threats at a recruit is absurd, so how about you grow up?  Does that sound like a good plan?

NSD is a glorious day indeed, but let’s not take it more serious than life.  Regardless of where you wanted Evans to go, you’re still going to wake up tomorrow.  Recruiting is awesome, so treat it and others with respect.

Broncos Crush Seahawks: The Headline America Wants

By Chad Underwood


Every February, a Super Bowl is played and the champion of the National Football League is crowned. It is a spectacle to say the least. The build-up on almost every major news network to the thousands of camera bulbs flashing in the stadium during kickoff, it is a hard event not to pay attention to. But where does our rooting interest come from? Do we find players we like or dislike and base our opinions on that? Some research might support that.

According to an ESPN.com poll, 61 percent of the country is hoping for the Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl next weekend. According to another ESPN study asking who will win the game (ideally excluding a rooting interest), the information continues to favor the Broncos at a stout 65 percent, despite many odds makers favoring the Seattle Seahawks.

Peyton Manning, quarterback of the Broncos, is football’s golden child. Born in New Orleans to a father who had already made his name as a star quarterback, Manning had all the tools to become a great football talent, and he did just that. He went to the University of Tennessee where he played for all the four years he was eligible. His resume is almost flawless, with the exception of a so-so record in the playoffs (11-11), but winning next Sunday would probably erase that stat from everyone’s memory.

On the other side of the equation we have a man named Richard Sherman, who plays defensive back for the Seahawks and is in some “hot water” this week because of an interview with FOX Sports’ Erin Andrews after the Seahawks’ win against the 49ers to advance to the Super Bowl.  He flew off the handle pro-wrestling style and had this to say:

“Well, I’m the best corner in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you’re going to get. Don’t you ever talk about me.”

Sherman mentions Michael Crabtree, a receiver from the San Francisco 49ers that was covering when he tipped the ball to a teammate for the interception to clinch the Seahawks first Super Bowl berth since 2005. He attempts to shame him publicly along with the entire 49ers organization for “trying” him with Crabtree, who does not seem to be up to Sherman’s standards of the quality of a wide receiver he should be assigned to defend against.  Just like Manning, Sherman has been working his whole life to get to the Super Bowl. Instead of what we got from Manning, which made him seem as emotionless as a robot, we got to see Sherman’s outpouring of emotion and it was fun to watch.

So what is the difference between them exactly? We have two college graduates, living out their dreams of playing professional football. There is obviously a difference in race, which must matter to a number of people after some of the ruthless verbal attacks on Sherman via Twitter where he has been called a “thug” and a “monkey”. These remarks are fitting for Twitter, where you can lash out behind the safety of a username and privacy settings with little to no problem at all.

To those who view Manning as a “class act,” and someone who exemplifies everything that is right with humanity, I leave you with this. To those who think Richard Sherman is deserving of abuse for being who he is, I leave you with this. Being emotional does not make people subhuman, it makes them a person.

10 Things to Watch on Netflix

By Jessica Klinner


Netflix: the best tool for procrastination. We all do it. There’s an assignment due tomorrow, but instead of getting it out of the way, we decide to catch up on the latest season of our favorite TV show.  During the cold, winter months, most of our time is spent indoors trying to keep warm, and what better way to spend that time than cuddling up and watching a great movie or TV show on Netflix? Here are a few of my suggestions for what to watch on Netflix when you need to procrastinate or just want to relax.

1. Stuck In Love

Stuck In Love follows the story of an acclaimed writer, his ex-wife and their two teenaged children as they all come to terms with love in its various forms over the course of one year. Each member of the family battles their own personal struggles with love as well as trying to mend their broken home. Starring Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Lily Collins and Logan Lerman, this film will have you reminiscing about first love and realizing the importance of second chances.

For fans of: The Spectacular Now, Definitely, Maybe and The Perks of Being a Wallflower

2. Parks and Recreation

This hilarious sitcom follows the lives of the workers in Pawnee, Indiana’s Parks and Recreation department. Some of the notable actors and actresses in this series are Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Rob Lowe, Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza. This hilarious cast never ceases to provide an escape form reality for a matter of 30 minutes. Their sharp wit and humor make for a great comedy mockumentary very much like The Office.

For fans of: 30 Rock, The Office and Arrested Development

 3. The Aristocats

One of the greatest things about Netflix is its extensive selection of classic Disney movies. The Aristocats is only one of the few Disney classics on the Netflix roster. Others include Dumbo, Pinnochio, Pocahontas and more! Instead of having to pull our your old VHS tapes and VCR to watch these classics, simply turn to Netflix for your classic Disney fix.

For fans of: Pocahontas, Dumbo and Cinderella

4. Arrested Development

After losing airtime in 2006, Arrested Development returned last year with a brand new season only available to stream on Netflix. The beloved show gained tons of publicity with its long awaited return and gave fans the satisfaction of continuing a story that was left open ended. The show follows the shenanigans of the dysfunctional Bluth family. After his father is imprisoned, level-headed son Michael Bluth tries to hold his family together, but often, his attempts are in vain. Arrested Development provides endless laughs as the Bluth family gets into all sorts of crazy situations.

For fans of: The Office, Community and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

 5. Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive

Aziz Ansari, best known for his role as Tom Haverford on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, steps out in fashion in this stand-up comedy show. On the cusp of turning 30, Ansari delivers an hour full of laughs, covering topics such as babies, love and marriage. If you love Ansari in Parks and Recreation, you’re sure to enjoy his stand-up act. It’s great entertainment after a long, tough day at work or school.

For fans of: Parks and Recreation, Dane Cook and Kevin Hart

 6. House of Cards

This political drama series aired exclusively on Netflix last February. The entire season was available for stream, allowing viewers to watch the show at their own pace. House of Cards introduces us to a new way of watching original content online. It was nominated for nine Emmy Awards and won three of those nominations. House of Cards is a step in a new direction of how consumers will view television series.

For fans of: Scandal, The West Wing and The Newsroom

 7. My Strange Addiction

TLC has a way of creating shows that make you feel a lot better about your quirks and weird antics. My Strange Addiction is certainly no different. The show reveals true stories of people who have a strange addiction. Some examples of cases on the show are eating drywall, pulling hair out of shower drains, having an intimate relationship with a car and sniffing baby powder. It is a show that presents such unbelievable habits that it’s hard to look away or change the channel.

For fans of: Hoarders, My Crazy Obsession and Extreme Couponing

8. Good Ol’ Freda

Freda Kelly was a shy girl living in Liverpool when she was asked to work for a local band aspiring to make it big. Little did she know, the local band was on their way to becoming one of the most legendary bands in history. Good Ol’ Freda tells the story of long time secretary of famous rock and roll band, The Beatles.  In this documentary, Kelly opens up for the first time in 50 years about her experience working for The Beatles. The film features appearances from Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr and gives an insider perspective of the band that forever changed the shape of music.

For fans of: Salinger, Almost Famous and Nowhere Boy

9. Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks tells the story of two groups of teenagers dealing with the hardships of high school during the 80’s and honestly displays the awkward years between adolescence and adulthood. NBC only aired 12 episodes before cancelling the show in 2000. Eventually, the network released the rest of the first and only season of the hit TV show. Looking back, I’m sure NBC regrets cancelling the show that inevitably launched the careers of acting sensations Seth Rogen, Jason Segel and James Franco.

For fans of: My So-Called Life, That 70s Show and The Inbetweeners

10. The Avengers

This action packed movie was all anyone talked about for months after the release. Featuring the combined efforts of Captain America, Thor, the Hulk and Iron Man, The Avengers makes for one of the best action packed superhero movies of the past decade. The film is based after the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name. Prior to the release, each hero’s story had been told in their own movie, making The Avengers a more powerful story than it might have been on its own. The movie created so much buzz that a sequel will be released in 2015.

For fans of: Thor, Captain America and Iron Man