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Midterm Madness

By Nikki Headley It’s that time of the semester again. All of your teachers are piling work up to your ears. Part of you is wondering if it will ever stop and the other part is wondering if you will have enough time to do all of your work. Your stress

Auburn’s Future is Bright with Marshall

By Darrell Puckett After the most memorable Auburn football season recorded, there’s one question that lingers.  Does Nick Marshall deserve to start next season under Coach Gus Malzahn?  A lot of naysayers say that Marshall will be trumped by sophomore quarterback Jeremy Johnson without question this spring.   Not only do I

10 Vacation Spots Within 6 Hours of Montgomery

By Jessica Klinner Spring break is only a few weeks away, and it’s time to figure out how you’ll be spending your week long vacation! While there may not be a lot going on in the city of Montgomery during the break, there are several vacation destinations within a six hour

Post Valentine’s Day Struggle

By Nikki Headley You walk into to your house after a stressful day at Auburn Montgomery. You hear your bed calling your name but you know you have school work to do. Irritation begins to set in and you plop down on your couch to look for your syllabus. Suddenly a

Healthy Changes Lead to a Healthy You

By Nikki Headley Motivation is a hard thing to come by. Finding a reason to work out and eat right requires dedication, self-discipline and more importantly the reason behind doing it. What's the point of getting up every day and killing yourself in the gym? What’s the point of not eating

National Signing Day

By Darrell Puckett It’s sometimes funny to think of college football recruiting.  Are we as fans of a specific team going to let a kid that doesn't attend our school ruin the day?  I’ve struggled with this thought of spending so much time delved into recruiting.  Does it take away from the enjoyment

Broncos Crush Seahawks: The Headline America Wants

By Chad Underwood Every February, a Super Bowl is played and the champion of the National Football League is crowned. It is a spectacle to say the least. The build-up on almost every major news network to the thousands of camera bulbs flashing in the stadium during kickoff, it is a

10 Things to Watch on Netflix

By Jessica Klinner Netflix: the best tool for procrastination. We all do it. There’s an assignment due tomorrow, but instead of getting it out of the way, we decide to catch up on the latest season of our favorite TV show.  During the cold, winter months, most of our time is