How to Spend Your Snow Day

By Nikki Headley


You check your email to find that school has been cancelled. You glance out the window and see a blanket of snow on the ground… in Alabama. Okay so maybe this isn’t how you found out AUM cancelled classes and closed the campus, but it’s a nice thought. I bet some of you are just laying in your bed twiddling your thumbs. How does someone in Alabama spend their snow day? How about some ideas?

 1. Build a snowman. If it snows and sticks then odds are there is enough snow to build a snowman. So you roll all of your giant snowballs and you put the on top of one another and boom you have a snowman. It is a tradition. Young or old, go build yourself a Frosty.

2. Have a snowball fight. If you have a family or some friends in your neighborhood devise a plan to make snowballs and pelt them at one another. They may hurt but they are definitely worth the fun. So go have a snowball war!

3. Go for a walk. Go for a walk in your neighborhood to check out the snow. It is beautiful to just look at. Try to acknowledge the beauty of something that people from Alabama don’t normally see. If you go for a walk watch for ice. It can be slippery.

4. Just Keep warm. After a long day of playing in the snow go inside and warm up. Make some soup for dinner that always warms you up. Also bundle up with some hot tea or chocolate and appreciate the view from afar.

5. Spend the day with your loved ones. It will be nice to see your family’s reactions to the snow. It will also be nice to take some pictures and just enjoy the day together. If you have lost some of your family members try to think about what their reactions could be. If you are cooped up in your dorm spend it with your roommates. Make it a day to remember.

We all are ecstatic about the snow storm coming and classes being cancelled for a day. Remember to enjoy the day and to stay safe. Don’t get too cold and wear your gloves when you’re playing outside. Remember Alabama will probably not see snow again for a while so take advantage of it.

The 2014 Senior Bowl



By Darrell Puckett

The Senior Bowl is a game that has many implications, but foremost it compliments unspoken players.  It contains unspoken referrals to players that are not consistently in the spotlight and posses necessary tools for NFL status.  This Senior Bowl was by far one of the most one-sided games in history, and provided insight to the South’s dominance.  There are three players that set their selves apart and jumped higher in the NFL Draft.

Dee Ford from Auburn University showed that he is an elite pass-rusher and will move up the draft board.  Ford racked up two sacks, one pass deflection, and five hurries.  While Caraun Reid from Princeton had two sacks as well, Ford presented an outside presence that couldn’t be ignored.  There’s no question why Ford was awarded Senior Bowl MVP, because no one could stop him.

The North had a very difficult time doing anything on offense, but there was one consistent player-maker, James White.  I’ve always loved the way this guy could run between tackles and explode through the secondary.  Consistency of exploding into the secondary was necessary for White’s ability to extend plays. White finished with 11 carries for 61 yards and a touchdown; five receptions for 15 yards.

There seemed to only be three quarterbacks playing in this game, and they all played for the South. Deciding between Carr, Fales, and Garoppolo is difficult.  Fales finished 6-of-7 for 104 yards, one touchdown, and one interception.  Carr finished 7-of-16 for 31 yards, and one interception, while Garoppolo was 6-of-12 for 32 yards.  Fales statistics look more impressive, but Garoppolo appeared more NFL skilled ready. Carr’s feet looked heavy as bricks, but his strong arm made up the difference.  The only quarterback that harnessed and showed NFL readiness was Garoppolo.  You don’t break all of Tony Romo’s records at Eastern Illinois without being highly talented.

The honorable mentions are receivers Kevin Norwood and Crockett Gillmore.  Norwood hauled in four receptions for 53 yards and a touchdown.  Gillmore caught five passes for 61 yards and a touchdown.  Both of these guys helped their draft status tremendously with huge-consistent performances.  Look for Norwood to become a very impressive slot-receiver and jump into the fourth round draft discussion.

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Welcome to The Armchair Quarterback


By Darrell Puckett

People who listen to radio or podcasts all want one thing, entertainment.  The ear listens and judges for itself without introduction.  In the world of sports radio, people are quick to say Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd, Tim Brando, Mike and Mike, and Paul Finebaum are the ‘elitist.’  There’s no argument with that list, but ponder this question: Can you recall a sports radio podcast crafted by a college around your area?  The answer is most likely no.

Auburn Montgomery will be entering into the world of sports podcast and broadcasting this semester.  This new leap should be defining the way colleges broadcast and develop podcast.  Warhawk Weekly will start in February running a 25-30 minute segment on Montgomery’s local channel.  Also, a new sports radio podcast named The Armchair Quarterback with myself and Brandon Holland is scheduled to premier next week.

The broadcasting portion provides updated AUM information on campus, sports, student stories, etc.  The Armchair Quarterback is an extension of Warhawk Weekly and will feature AUM sports, special-guest interviews, local in-state recruiting, campus life, and so much more.

The future is whatever you make it; opportunities are made, not given.  Look for Warhawk Weekly and The Armchair Quarterback to excel quickly, so jump on board before it’s too full.  Special thanks to Matt Estes, Lisa Ranieri, Dr. Buchanan, Brandon Holland, and the AUM COMM Club for their dedication.

Check back for updates.

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Top 10 Viral Videos of 2013

By Jessica Klinner


Nothing unites everyone in the world more than a viral video. They make us laugh. They inspire us. They may even confuse us. These videos are the ones that we all enjoy watching because so many other enjoy watching them as well. At the end of every year I look forward to looking back at the viral videos, and that’s exactly what I’ve done in this list. The 10 videos listed below are only a small sample of viral videos from 2013. I hope you enjoy looking back on them just as I did.

 1. “#Hashtag” with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake


Whenever Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake collaborate, they create comedy gold. The “Hashtag” video aired on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and gained immediate attention from audiences. Any Twitter user will find the video hilarious because of its relatability and honest comedy. Fallon and Timberlake carry on a conversation using mostly hashtags. They even created a hand signal to indicate a hashtag while they talked. Anyone familiar with Twitter will die laughing while watching this video.

 2. Jimmy Kimmel Twerk Prank

Twerking: the new dance move on everyone’s radar. In response to this new dance movement, many people filmed themselves twerking to instruct other how to master the art or simply for recreational purposes. One young woman shocked the country when her failed twerk attempt on camera ended with lighting herself on fire. Jaws around the country dropped as they watched the events of the video unfold. Later, it was revealed that the video was actually a hoax, and late night TV show host Jimmy Kimmel was behind the whole thing. The creators of the twerk fail video posted it online without any sort of promotion. It went viral, and currently has over 15 million views. Kimmel said he hoped the video would bring an end to twerking, but it seemed to only spawn more videos of people twerking to get attention.

 3. Screaming Goat 


It all started with a Taylor Swift song and slowly spiraled out of control. The notorious screaming goat began appearing in music videos everywhere. While it caught some off guard, others relished in expecting it. It’s most fascinating because goats are not supposed to make a noise that sounds eerily similar to a human scream. It’s funny. It’s strange. Put it in the middle of a music video, and it’s downright entertaining.

 4. Kid President 

Kid President began as a project set forth by the Freed-Hardeman University’s Office of Marketing and University Relations to promote the school’s benefit dinner, and turned into something much bigger. The first viral video featuring Kid President called “A Pep Talk From Kid President to You” currently has over 30 million views. Robby Novak is the 10-year-old comedian behind the Kid President persona. He has created a video series as Kid President urging viewers “to make the world awesome”, “be a party” and “to give the world a reason to dance.” Kids President’s videos challenge us to make the world a better place. He reminds us all of the simple facts we inherently know, but often do not act upon.

 5. Harlem Shake 


Dance crazes come and go like the seasons. In 2011, it was LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem.” In 2012, it was Psy’s “Gangham Style.” 2013 will always be known as the year of the Harlem shake. Everyone from celebrities to students made a Harlem shake video.  The song starts out with a steady beat in which participants act uninterested in the song. After a voice commands to “do the Harlem shake,” everyone erupts into an odd behavior or dance and continues to repeat that same behavior for the rest of the song. It seemed that no outfit was too weird and no behavior too crazy for the Harlem shake videos. Every video consisted of the same things, but that never stopped anyone from watching every version they came across and loving it.

6. Wrecking Ball



In the words of young Miley Cyrus, she’s just being Miley. It has been years since Cyrus released any new music. After her performance at the VMAs, all eyes were on the former Disney Channel princess turned grown-up artist. When Cyrus released her video for “Wrecking Ball,” everyone had an opinion on it. The controversial video featured Cyrus atop a swinging wrecking ball, unclothed and later, seductively licking a sledgehammer. Many people ruled this video unnecessary, but Cyrus declared it as her artistic representation of the song. Whether positive or negative, the video received tons of attention and that’s really all any artist can ask for.

7. Carlton Dance


People grow older and TV shows go off air. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air will always be associated with the famous “Carlton dance.” Early in 2013, Will and Jaden Smith appeared on the BBC’s Graham Norton Show. The two entertained the audience by rapping different songs including the theme song from Fresh Prince, but the real entertainment came when the Smiths invited their friend Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton Banks) to join them onstage. What followed would go down as one of the most memorable moments of the year. The three proceeded to perform the Carlton dance. The viral video filled viewers with nostalgia and joy. Even though Ribeiro will be plagued with being asked to perform that dance wherever he appears, it’s good to know that he still embraces it with a smile on his face.

 8. What Does The Fox Say? by Ylvis


Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis created this strange yet catchy tune and rode it to the top. The song sounds like it should be a learning tool for young children learning their animal sounds. The verses are quite normal with a light melody, but when the chorus kicks in, things get weird. The video currently has over 334 million views. It goes to show that strange sells. Throughout the song, several different propositions are made as to what sound a fox makes, but by the end of the video, viewers are still left wondering: what does the fox say?

 9. Coachella Lie Witness News


In this video, Jimmy Kimmel sent his crew to Coachella to interview festivalgoers about what bands they were excited to see perform during the weekend. There was a small catch, though. The interviewer made up all of the band names. All of the people being interviewed went along with the fictional band names, saying they were excited or not so stoked to see their set. Sometimes they would even describe the sound of these non-existent bands. Many music fans enjoy knowing about bands that no one has ever heard of so this prank was perfect for such a big festival as Coachella. Even though none of the bands existed, it didn’t stop people from pretending to know them.

 10. Prancercise


This video features a woman performing a very unique way of exercising called prancercise. The term is defined as “a springy, rhythmic way of moving forward,similar to a horse’s gait and ideally induced by elation.” If you’ve seen the video, this definition will make perfect sense. Joanna Rohrback, the creator of this innovative new workout, posted the video in December of 2012. It sat on the Internet unnoticed until May 2013 when it went viral. The video was so popular that John Mayer featured Rohrback performing a new version of prancercise she named “romancercise” for a lyric video of his song “Paper Doll.” Currently, the video has over 9 million views.


Filezilla’s user interface


By Matt Estes

The internet is huge, with millions of websites at our disposal. Each website has content, and there are many ways to get content from a person’s computer to the internet. Some methods, however, are easier than others.

As webmaster for the AUMnibus, a program called Filezilla makes my job much easier. Filezilla is easily the most well known FTP client. FTP stands for file transfer protocol, and programs called clients help facilitate the transfer of files.

The program takes files from my computer to the AUMnibus site’s hosting company using one simple interface. I can then code the website while having those files at easy access. While I use WordPress to create the articles, I use Filezilla to insert every image and media file you see outside of the articles.

While most hosting companies have their own built-in client, a user must upload them to the website sometimes one file at a time. This method is quite time consuming. That’s why FTP clients are so popular.

If you ever decide to undertake anything beyond basic web design, you need to learn to use Filezilla. It has a low learning curve, so a user can learn the basics in about 30 minutes.

Breathing Equals Living


By Nikki Headley

You feel you bare feet sliding on the mat below you. The instructor holds the pose effortlessly. You huff and then you cave. You fall face first onto the mat feeling talentless when it comes to Pilates and, perhaps in that moment, even in everything that you do. You look up at the instructor and then at everyone else.  What could they be thinking of you? As you lower your eyes to the floor you hear someone clearing their throat. You look up and it’s the instructor. She gives you an encouraging smile. She does a pose and tells you to just breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Whether it’s in an exercise class, the classroom or in the office, it all boils down to breathing. Some of us think that just inhaling and exhaling is the proper way to breathe. While this type of breathing will keep you alive it will not help you to truly live.

Let’s try breathing together right now. Breathe slowly in through your nose and take the oxygen down to your diaphragm and out through your mouth. Keep your posture upright and clear your mind. Did you try it? If my words didn’t convince lets go over some reasons as to why this breathing technique is one of the most helpful.

1.     Concentration. Many people think that true concentration comes from the mind. While half of it does come from concentration, the other half comes from breathing. If you are holding a pose in Yoga class and you are barely getting any oxygen throughout your body how on Earth do you expect to concentrate on doing the specific pose? Breathing is the real key to concentrating.

2.     Relaxation. Your day has been horrible. You failed a test, your significant other is angry with you and you fell in a huge puddle of water on the way to your car. The odds are that when you get home all you want to do is kick back and not worry about anything. Once you sit down with your favorite book you begin to reflect on the day despite your attempts not to. To clear you mind just concentrate on one thing. As you breathe in and out you begin to realize that life is never as bad as it seems. This breathing method is a surefire way to put things into perspective.

3.     Competition. If you play on a sports team or if playing a game against a friend there are bound to be some will to win whatever you doing. If you go into the game without clearing your mind of doubts and fears you aren’t going to do very well in the competition. Before the competition go to a quiet place and breathe. Clear your mind of all doubts and do your best.

I don’t expect all of you to breathe like this on a regular basis but when you are in a tough time in your life try it. This will calm you down. Stop breathing to live and start living to breathe.

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The Heart of a Tiger

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By Darrell Puckett

The season of dreams has finally come to an end for Auburn, but it was well worth the wait.  No one believed that AU was capable of achieving success, such as the SEC championship and BCS title game birth.  The SEC’s lead opinion-maker, Paul Finebaum, didn’t even have the Tigers finishing higher than fifth in a tough west division.  Being born and raised in Alabama, I hear the chatter among Auburn and Bama fans every day.  This achievement of higher success for Auburn has killed the spirits of Alabama fans and brought fuel to a rivalry.

We all know that Auburn finished 3-9 overall and winless in SEC play last season.  Everyone from their grandmother and beyond predestined the Tigers to win seven or eight games in ‘13, but no one saw a 12-2 record.  The point of emphasis is that only AU coaches and players believed.  Only in sports can such a miraculous thing happen.

It’s funny. Looking back to when Auburn brought in junior college transfer Nick Marshall, I thought that Auburn was in trouble.  I even said after last season that Tre Mason was the weakest 1,000 yard rusher ever.  It’s safe to say that I’m a fool for making such arrogant statements.

Being a huge Auburn fan who studies statistics daily, I’ve realized one thing from this past season.  There’s one area that a stat sheet doesn’t supply, heart.  It’s the one thing that can’t be explained or written down as fact.  That’s the reason why expert analysts can’t foresee a guaranteed winner by just throwing out stats.  Heart is what drives upsets and can make college football history.

Looking at the 2013 Auburn football in review, there are many different areas to talk about, but no more important than how heart and determination can fuel the unbelievable.  Many will look back and be upset that Auburn didn’t win a BCS National Championship and how the Tigers broke a 7-game SEC win streak, but that’s not ethical.  The Auburn fan base should be humble and excited that head coach Gus Malzahn brought back their university’s pride.

The United States was built off an idea of hard-work, perseverance, stability, ethics and pride.  This Auburn football team has brought the same idea to future teams in its mission for excellence.  The next two months will shape each schools future with national signing approaching, so keep an eye out for recruiting battles and huge commitment flipping.

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