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Classic Video Game Review: Ristar

By Matt Estes I want you to try out a video game you've never played before. Most people have never played "Ristar." That needs to change. "Ristar" is a colorful and creative game released on the Sega Genesis in 1995, but you wouldn't know it because the game looks gorgeous. While most

Wellness Blog: Zumba

By Nikki Headley   Imagine being in a world filled with humdrum exercises, doing the same things every week. There would be no spice or fun. Who says exercise has to be boring? This is why you should do Zumba. 1. The time goes by quickly. Zumba is a series of very fast-paced dance

2013 World Series Analysis

By Darrell Puckett The World Series is what makes the month of October so magical for MLB fans around this country.  There’s nothing better than the feeling of a crisp fall evening, while sitting back watching the two best teams in baseball battle it out.  America’s pastime meets the present day

10 Essential Songs for a Halloween Playlist

If you’ve been reading these lists the last couple of weeks, you’ve probably noticed an ongoing trend of Halloween themes. I am sad to say that this week will be the last Halloween themed list. I’d like to end this series of lists on a high note. If you’re searching

Q & A With Darrell Puckett

We sat down to ask a few questions to the AUMnibus sportswriter Darrell Puckett. - What's your major? My major is sports journalism with a minor in photography. - What are you trying to accomplish at AUM? I’m trying to accomplish the incredible. Not many people can make it through college and then actually


  Anyone can be a musician with this unique internet app. Arrange music using the graphical representation of sea creatures swimming in the ocean. After you make the sounds and tones, set the creatures free to move around the sound source. This produces organic sounds that can never be duplicated. Record

Improve Your Running

By Nikki Headley   You feel the sweat pouring down your body. Your calf muscles feel as if they are about to explode. And you feel as though your lungs are going to give out at any moment. You want to stop running towards a seemingly never-ending goal. As your body comes

Johnny Who?

By Darrell Puckett Johnny Manziel who?  That’s the question that Alabama and Auburn fans have been asking this season after both defeating Texas A&M.  The real question should be, why not Manziel?  Why haven’t you beat the top two teams in Alabama after winning the Heisman trophy as a redshirt freshman?

10 Creepiest Scary Movie Characters

By Jessica Klinner     Throughout the years, Hollywood has produced some of the scariest movies. Our nightmares are brought to life before our eyes. No matter what the movie is about, there is always a creepy antagonist sneaking around waiting to ruin the day. Check out 10 of the creepiest

What is Device Manager?

By Matt Estes Let me introduce you to a feature that a typical Windows user doesn't know about. This is Device Manager, and it's been at the heart of Windows software since the Windows 95 operating system. Device Manager is simply a list of all of the hardware in and attached to