From Auburn University to Warhawk Nation

By Lisa Raineri

We sat down with Auburn University at Montgomery’s own Joel Hughes to discuss his journey to AUM, as well as campus activities and events.

Meet Joel Hughes, Associate Director of Orientation at AUM.

The first two years of his college experience he played football at a community college. Afterwards, he decided to move back home to Auburn and transfer to Auburn University.

While at Auburn, he received his undergraduate degree in Communications in 2005. He was the head cheerleader his junior and senior year of his undergraduate career.  Joel also participated in Student Government Association.

After completing his undergraduate degree, he went to the University of Southern Mississippi to obtain his Master’s degree. He completed it in 2010. While at Southern Mississippi, he was in charge of Policies and Procedures. His duties included overseeing religious activities, curriculum guidelines, Greek life, honors society, and special interests organizations such as SGA.

Joel became a part of the AUM family in 2011. He and his wife wanted to be closer to home and they were both ready for the next challenge life was presenting them. Joel recently began working on his Doctorate’s degree.



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