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From Auburn University to Warhawk Nation

By Lisa Raineri We sat down with Auburn University at Montgomery's own Joel Hughes to discuss his journey to AUM, as well as campus activities and events. --- Meet Joel Hughes, Associate Director of Orientation at AUM. The first two years of his college experience he played football at a community college. Afterwards, he

iPod Update: Bon Iver

The website you are on is not the first online version of the AUMnibus. The AUMnibus was published exclusively online for a number of years. Thanks to the Internet Archive, we can recover some of those articles. This was one of the very first articles published on the site around

Amazing Tokyo Panorama

  Check out this amazingly high quality panorama of Tokyo. Zoom in and look at the incredible detail. The panorama was made of thousands of high resolution photographs, so get to exploring this concrete jungle. Check it out here.      

Sylacauga Woman Struck by Meteorite

Did you know that Alabama is home to the only authenticated account of a person being struck by a meteorite? Check out today's YouTube Tuesday video by SmarterEveryDay to find out when it happened. What if you got hit be a meteorite? Imagine explaining that on to your friends.

SEC 2013 Powerhouse Rankings

By Darrell Puckett The Southeastern Conference ranks at the top when talking about power in college football. Everyone has a favorite college football team, but in the south if you’re not going for a SEC team you are certainly the exception and not the rule. The following is a breakdown of

Is Parking Still a Problem?

Last week we looked back at the very first AUMnibus article. Today let's jump forward in time to 2003 to look at an event that may be of some relevance today. Some around campus have said that parking has been a problem. Was parking a problem 10 years ago? This

Avast: Don’t Leave Home Without It

By Matthew Estes What if I told you that you don't have to pay $100 a year for good virus protection on your computer? You would possibly reply using the old adage "you get what you pay for." That is a perfectly logical thing to say, as it is counter-intuitive to think

Butter vs Margarine

The debate rages. Use butter, or use margarine? This week we turn to AsapSCIENCE to compare the pros and cons of both, and to help us find acceptable substitutes. What do you use? Are you a die-hard butter fan, or do you use a tub of margarine? Did you ever even know

The Dream of Becoming Champion

By Darrell Puckett The dream to achieve something that is bigger than yourself runs through the veins of every American.  It’s something that is contagious and gives a sense of self accomplishment beyond words.  Auburn University at Montgomery’s Jacob Nummy and Tyler Strock know a few things about fulfilling dreams. Nummy started

Interview with Stacey Little

By Lisa Ranieri   We sat down with Stacey Little of Southern Bite fame to ask about his work with the AUMnibus and his current success. Article to follow. Have you ever wanted to cook something so delicious but remembered you're on a college budget or you are busy with life? Stacey Little,