Burn it to Earn it

Research shows that students who regularly exercise, tend to have higher GPAs than those who do not

By Katelyn Turner

Classes, homework, extra-curricular activities and making time for family and friends can keep a student’s schedule pretty full.
Making time to exercise may not be a priority during midterms and exams; however, it does serve to benefit the mind and body exponentially and could even boost those test scores.

Michigan State University conducted a research that found a connection between exercise and higher GPAs, as reported by Medical Daily. The study even showed that those who had a gym membership were less likely to drop out of college. Joining a gym not only provided students with an opportunity to acquire many mental and physical health benefits, but also gave them a chance to form relationships with others and, in turn, increase their link to the college.

Psychology Today reports that regular exercise decreases depression and anxiety and boosts the mood overall. Heavy exercise increases the level of serotonin in the brain, which is a chemical that makes people feel happy and relaxed. It also keeps the mind sharp and aids preventing future memory loss, which starts to happen significantly at the age of 45.

Complicated exercises like dancing or playing a sport improve student’s ability to concentrate. U.S. News reported that German researchers concluded that students who did just ten minutes of an intense fitness routine score better on “high-attention tasks” than those who did not participate in the fitness routine. This is because sports challenge the brain to grow through completing complicated tasks. This new cell growth in the brain then carries over to the classroom where students apply their ability to problem solve and perform better under pressure.

Exercise has many benefits for students other than keeping a nice figure. It keeps the mind sharp and focused and also relieves stress and depression. Students should acquire a fitness regimen and mix it up by cross training and playing sports in order to receive the most benefits from exercise. Fitness should not be seen as an end to make or break a students ability to graduate college, but it does make the road to a degree a little bit smoother.

Grover Parker is preparing for a hard day of work at the Hyundai Plant.

Work Opportunities

Grover Parker is preparing for a hard day of work at the Hyundai Plant.

By Seneithia Parker

Having trouble gaining work experience? Have you applied to so many jobs that you feel like you have nowhere else to look? The job market can be challenging here in Montgomery. To make the process easier, below are some services and initiatives that can help. (more…)


Veterans Week


By Deanna Chavez

If you happen to be on campus and notice many American flags on the Quad understand that they aren’t there just as a show of patriotism. Twenty American flags will be placed on campus in November as a symbol for the 20 veterans who commit suicide every day. Nov. 11 is Veterans Day, and AUM is going to honor the many we have on campus.  The Student Veterans Association will be having a “Veterans Week,” which will kick off with an “AUM Supports our Veterans Day” on  Nov. 9 and 10. (more…)


The Power of Essential Oils

Young Living is one of the companies that sell pure essential oils.

By Katelyn Turner

If I told you that essential oils could improve your mental and physical health, you would probably think I was some sort of witch doctor or hippie. However, research shows that breathing in essential oils can put you in a better mood or keep you focused. When safely applied to wounds or sore muscles, the oils have healing effects. Essential oils are not the cure for mental and physical problems, but they can effectively relieve some of the symptoms. (more…)


White Cane Day

Tamara Massey and Bobby Sneed looking over White Cane Day Evaluations.

By Deanna Chavez

One of the earliest lessons we learn in life is “The Golden Rule”. Treat others the way you want to be treated. As a child, this lesson is simple. As an adult, while the concept is the same, it tends to be harder to execute. At times we’re not sure how people want to be treated. People who are different tend to make us uncomfortable, therefore we shy away from them. Why is that? (more…)


And the Emmy Goes to…


By Samantha Dunaway

On Sept. 18, the biggest stars from television came together to attend the 68th Emmy Awards. It was a night full of snubs, surprises and moving speeches. The event was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, who made fun of the celebrities there and also used humor to bring attention to diversity in Hollywood. There are five categories that members of the Television Academy vote on—drama, limited series, comedy, reality and variety. Actors, actresses, directors, writers and even shows as a whole go up against each other in these to see who will come out on top. (more…)


Colonial Pipeline Breach

A gas station in Shelby county shows increased fuel prices

By Nathan Howell

A recent leak in the Colonial Pipeline, a major source of fuel that runs through Alabama, is impacting a large portion of the Southeast economically since it was first reported in early September.

The situation first came to public attention when the breach in the line was reported on Sept. 9 by a CP employee who noticed a strong smell of fuel according to what the company reported. (more…)